7-Eleven Taiwan opens second unstaffed X-Store

7-Eleven Taiwan operator President Chain Store Corporation has opened its second unstaffed X-store in Taipei.

Located in Xinyi District, the store recognises customers by facial-recognition card or iCash 2.0 card.

There is also an intelligent ATM machine using fingerprint and facial recognition technologies, allowing customers to deposit small change and withdraw foreign currencies, project management department chief Hsu Yi-hsiung said.

The first X-Store opened on the first floor of the company’s headquarters in January, targeting the large crowds of white-collar workers and students in the area.

The number of customers at the first X-Store increased 50 per cent over six months, Hsu said.

With the growing convergence of online and offline, automated shops such as the X-Store enhance customer expectations, while improving in-store service and automating supply chain and real-time inventory management.

Source: Inside Retail Asia.

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