Are Education Franchises Profitable?

With low overhead and initial investment fees, the typical education franchise is a profitable investment. 

The online tutoring market for K-12 students worldwide is expected to grow by 12.75% through 2021. Education franchises are often considered recession-proof, as parents will almost always invest in their children, especially through times of increased educational hardships like the pandemic. 

Thanks to this ever-increasing demand for education, franchises in the industry are plenty and profitable. Education franchises typically have low royalty fees and initial investment. Here are three major education franchises as an example: 

Mathnasium Learning Centers

> > Initial Investment: $112,750-$149,110

> > Royalty Fees: 2%

Kumon Method Learning

> > Initial Investment: $7,000-$14,000

> > Royalty Fees: 45%

Sylvan Learning* Center

> > Initial Investment: $70,980-$159,885

> > Royalty Fees: 16%

The majority of franchises will stipulate that the amount of revenue brought in depends on the hustle of the franchisee, the location of the franchise and many other factors. However, Sylvan Learning has published an annual gross revenue of $518,159 for the top 25% of its franchisees. Considering the maximum initial investment in a Sylvan Learning franchise is about $160,000, that revenue symbolizes a very healthy profit margin

Combine that profit margin with the reliability of the franchise business model, and that’s a recipe for success. In general, when compared to independent business models, franchises last a great deal longer. In one study, 85% of franchises were still in business after five years, whereas 25% of independent businesses fail after the first year, and 50% of those remaining businesses close within five years. 

When combining demand and its projected growth, along with the proven business model a franchise provides, an education franchise is a solid investment.

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