• Headquarters: Malaysia
  • Industry: Fitness
  • Countries available: Vietnam
  • Territory fee: Contact us for info
  • Unit fee: Contact us for info
  • Royalty: Contact us for info
  • Investment level: USD1,000,000
  • Marketing: Local
  • Term: 10 + 5 + 5


GOFIT® is the latest addition to the Evolution Wellness portfolio, a game changer in the high value, low price fitness franchise category with a range of unique features to provide an enhanced experience for members.

GOFIT® opened its first location in Malaysia in 2019 which has become an immediate success.

Technology Driven: At the heart of GOFIT® is the technology leveraged to create an engaging, efficient and seamless experience for our members. 


  1. Technology Driven – Through intelligent builds and careful selection of platforms, we are also able to provide data driven tools that provide comprehensive remote management capabilities.
  2. Inclusive – For absolutely everyone, providing facilities and experiences for a range of exercisers, from the newbie to the regular gym rat.
  3. Part of a Global and Proven Team – Part of the Evolution Wellness Group, the team behind some of the best known fitness and wellness brands in Southeast Asia.
  4. Development Opportunities Across Asia
  5. Unparalleled Business, Training, and Operational Support


The fitness industry has experienced exponential growth since inception. The development of new facilities and concepts has spurned a year-on-year increase of new participants around the world. And as the heightened awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle become more prevalent in everyday lives, the demand for affordable fitness and health eating has never been greater. Data supports that gym users and non-users consistently state ‘price’ as a fundamental consideration or barrier to participation.

  • Globally, 39% of adults over 18 years exercise regularly
  • Another 39% do not currently exercise but would like to
  • 20% exercises regularly
  • 25% of those considering exercise but not attending a gym would consider doing so
  • 60% of lapsed members would consider rejoining their local gym.


Price consideration has consistently ranked in the top ten reasons why people do not join a gym. A lack of time is still the #1 reason and location ranks high.

GoFit® aims to address those and other barriers to fitness. We are a community gym with a variety of gym sizes providing locations that are both in business districts and suburbia.

We are the high-value, low-priced solution for both members and our partners, offering an attractively low investment and very low operational costs coupled with low membership prices that offer incredible value for money.


We have created a range of unique features to provide an enhanced experience for members that underpins our high-value, low-priced brand promise


  • GoFit® opened its first location in Malaysia in 2019 which has become an immediate success.
  • The member feedback has been better than expected with particular emphasis on the ease of access, incredible equipment and the simple to use technology.
  • Recognizing that we had created a winning formula has spurned growth across all markets

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