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The Belgian Waffle Co.®

The Belgian Waffle Co.®

Where the World goes for a Waffle!

The Belgian Waffle Co.® was founded by Shrei and Alisha who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and New York University’s Stern School of Business, USA, respectively and who have deep expertise in marketing and branding.

The Belgian Waffle Co.® introduces the Waffle Sandwich – also known as the BWC Waff-Wich! A crisp, hot, freshly baked, affordable, and wholesome product with innovative batters and fillings and a unique packaging that makes dispensing easy –  a perfect On-The-Go and anytime snack/breakfast/dessert. The brand has fans from age 8 to age 80.

The Belgian Waffle Co.® opened the 1st outlet in June 2015 and expanded with 200+ outlets in 55+ cities and Nepal – all in only 3 years! – Currently the South Asia’s largest waffle chain with 20,000 waffles sold every day. Available as Café Model and small kiosks. Faster return on investment (ROI) and payback period! Contact us for more info!


With more than 200+ outlets in India and Nepal, we are now expanding our international presence throughout Asia

01 International Appeal

Strong branding, universal product, premium tastes and ingredients

02 Great ROI

Low food cost and operational expenses and lower CAPEX

03 Leader in the Waffle QSR segment

Top of the line menu offerings, great tastes, vegetarian-friendly, portable and On-The-Go

04 High shelf life allows global scale

Major products have 6 to 9 months shelf-life


1. Crispiness

We constantly deliver freshly baked, delicious, “Crispy, yet soft” waffles with an alluring aroma and a perfect taste

2. Our secret

Well-researched formulation and continuous innovation ensures a superb product experience

3. 100% Vegetarian

Our specially formulated batter is eggless and our ingredients are vegetarian to ensure a global appeal and long shelf life

4. On-The-Go Goodness

Redefining the way waffles are delivered from a fine dining, sit down experience to an on-the-go treat that is simple, convenient, portable and delicious.

5. Profitable

Built with an understanding of the constraints of high rents, the model makes optimum use of space and manpower whilst delivering consistent quality and inspirational products at affordable prices

6. Branding

Brand identity is warm, approachable, and nostalgic, while maintain simultaneously a young, innovative, and quirky persona


To be a Global Player in QSR segment, recognized for dessert offerings and values of Affordability, Quality and Simplicity

Minimum Investment: USD30,000 per unit


Contact [email protected] for more information about 

The Belgian Waffle Co. franchise for Asia.

Best / Top Franchise for Asia

Australia —  Bahrain — Bangladesh — Cambodia — China — Hong

Kong — India — Indonesia — Japan — Korea — Kuwait — Laos — Malaysia

Myanmar — New Zealand — Pakistan — Philippines — Qatar 

Saudi Arabia — Singapore — Sri Lanka — Taiwan — Thailand 

Turkey — UAE — Vietnam

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Almond Cocoa Butter


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