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Cha Ji Tang®

Cha Ji Tang® brings a new generation concept which uses floral fragrances to match and combine with the Taiwanese tea spotting four seasons flavors. This compound blending breaks the bitterness impression, making the drink more mellow and charming. In addition to common pearl milk tea from Taiwan, there are many tea offerings on our menu including Chinese tea and Herbal tea.

We also serve a combination of Taiwanese traditional snacks and Hong Kong style snacks with tea that allow customers enjoy variety of refreshments.



Contact [email protected] for more information about Cha Ji Tang for Asia, Southeast / South East Asia (ASEAN), including: Australia —  Bahrain — Bangladesh — Cambodia — China — Hong Kong — India — Indonesia — Japan — Korea — Kuwait — Laos — Malaysia — Myanmar — New Zealand — Pakistan — Philippines — Qatar — Saudi Arabia —  Singapore — Sri Lanka — Taiwan — Thailand — Turkey — UAE — Vietnam

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