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Element Fresh®

China’s leader in western-style, casual dining for 15 years
nEating Right, Made Easy: “Enjoy Fresh Food”
The leading casual dining brand in Shanghai & across China with nearly 40 corporate restaurants, and on track to add 30 domestic locations by 2020.
Initially famous for its wholesome, gourmet salads and fresh, made-to‐order fruit juices & smoothies, the menu has evolved to become a diverse selection of continental offerings, innovative dinner entrees and American‐style breakfasts.
Our health-fuelled and flavour-filled dishes are infused with many superfoods, which people are seeking to add more of to their diet and dining excursions.
Our seasonal menu cycle provides added reason for guests to try our new innovations.
A true dining destination appealing to all ages, and attractive to many nationalities.

n2Benefits & Advantages
⦁ Formulated in 2002 by western executives from Whole Foods and Coca-Cola.
⦁ Privately owned with 2,500 staff members, serving over 15,000 guests daily.
⦁ All operations systems have been fine-tuned over the past 15 years, and engineered to ease the start-up process through to multi-unit management.
⦁ For our franchise community, a large majority of food & beverage ingredients can be sourced from their local markets, therefore eliminating the hassle and cost of a complex logistics program.
⦁ We provide complete design services, and access to our established, cost-competitive suppliers to source many fit-out and décor elements.
⦁ A social media marketing powerhouse, with over 1million members participating in our WeChat-based ‘friends’ loyalty club program.

3Brand Summary
⦁ A refined casual dining experience offering an array of gourmet fresh foods & beverages, all of which are nutritious, wholesome and flavourful.
⦁ A warm and inviting ambience, providing guests with a relaxing and modern environment.
⦁ We amplify our guests’ optimistic and energetic approach to life, and match their upbeat attitude and wellness aspirations.
⦁ An active participant in vibrant communities, supporting those with a love for life. We are corporately responsible, a sporting sponsor, and a top employer.
⦁ Cosmopolitan origins with a high western appeal, we remain well rooted in our heritage and catering to a contemporary clientele.

4Please contact [email protected] which details other benefits and advantages offered to our franchise & business partners.