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Machida Shoten®

Machida Shoten® was founded by Sho Tagawa in 2008, after his experience at a famous ramen restaurant for 6 years.

Machida Shoten® is the 2nd biggest ramen brand in Japan with nearly 400 restaurants across the country in just 10 years. It has successfully expanded the brand overseas with 2 restaurants in the USA and with 1 restaurant in Singapore. It was founded by Sho Tagawa in 2008, after his experience at a ramen restaurant for six years. Machida Shoten® is famous for the combination of the two most popular ramen in Japan that creates a truly unique taste. Its thick noodle made of three different types of flour creates a chewy texture that goes well with E.A.K’s flavourful soup! Machida Shoten’s “E.A.K ramen” attracts many ramen fans.

Outside of Japan, Machida Shoten® is known as E.A.K Ramen.

Mr. Tagawa believes that the power of “A bowl of ramen” is to make people happy and smile. Wholehearted, everyday, every bowl.

Ramen as a Gift for people all over the world.

Why E.A.K Ramen?


Minimum Investment USD200,000 per restaurant

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Machida Shoten franchise for Asia.

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