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Mennya Kokoro®

“Mennya Kokoro” was founded by Takuma Ishikawa in January 2014, after his experience of a famous ramen restaurant.

“There are lots of ramen in Taiwan! already!” Yes, but Kokoro’s “no soup, dry ramen” is much different from the other typical ramen. This is a great advantage to let people remember and recognize the brand.

Kokoro maze-soba is a perfect harmony of 7 strong taste ingredients, spicy minced pork, green onion, fish powder, garlic, leak, nori seaweed and raw egg. This combination creates “only one addictive taste”.

Now, Mennya Kokomo is expanding to 18 restaurants in Japan and 2 restaurants in Indonesia, 1 in Thailand in just 3 years.

We create new menus seasonally addition to above regular menu.

3 Strength of Maze-soba

Website: https://franchise-japan.net/

Minimum Investment USD 500,000

Contact [email protected] for more information about Mennya Kokoro franchise for Asia, Southeast / South East Asia (ASEAN), including: Australia —  Bahrain — Bangladesh — Cambodia — China — Hong Kong — India — Indonesia — Japan — Korea — Kuwait — Laos — Malaysia — Myanmar — New Zealand — Pakistan — Philippines — Qatar — Saudi Arabia —  Singapore — Sri Lanka — Taiwan — Thailand — Turkey — UAE — Vietnam

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