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Presotea® was founded in 2006 and introduced the world’s first premium tea brewing process using an espresso machine that keeps the flavors and sweetness of the teas. Presotea® has revolutionized the conventional tea-brewing method, making freshly brewed teas that are made-to-order, tastier and healthier while other tea brands pre-brew their teas in un-hygienic, bulk buckets. Presotea® teas are made fresh, have less sugar, are nutritious, and uses a multi-step water filtration system to ensure the best quality and taste for its demanding consumers. Presotea® is owned by the Good Young Ltd, a famous fifth generation Taiwanese Tea processing company with decades of tea processing knowledge and culture

With more than 300 franchise stores opened since first launch, Presotea® is now in Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, China and Australia.

Why Presotea®

Licensee Requirements:

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