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Shakespeare and Co. – Haute Café And Restaurant From Dubai


In a world gravitating towards modernity in culinary trends, restaurants with sleek, contemporary interiors are becoming prevalent. Monotone colors, hues of black and white combine with textures like brushed steel and sharp glass to create a minimalistic effect. This trend carries over often into the clean-cut presentation of dishes and even the style of service. These developments are welcomed and enjoyed, yet, Shakespeare and Co., a colorful little café born in the Middle East, has stubbornly carved out its own niche in the upscale-casual sector without conforming to these modern food and beverage trends. Utilizing stylistic elements popular during the Victorian era, especially the Rococo artistic movement, Shakespeare and Co. deviates from the norm with its own fun and fanciful interior that is a tribute to the charm of the past. Having won and been nominated for multiple dining awards including Time Out and What’s On, Shakespeare and Co.’s aspiration to revive a bygone era has proven to be a recipe for success.


The café-restaurant continues to expand internationally, desires to be a place where tradition and hospitality are appreciated and honored by many. Entering the café, patrons are greeted with Victorian sofas, French chairs and antiqued coffee tables. The ambiance created is reminiscent of a grandmother’s carefully manicured living room. Vibrant colors give just enough of a modern twist to keep the look fresh and whimsical.


The extensive menu boasts nearly 200 items from which to choose, with a focus on home-style, comfort cuisine.  While there are many health-conscious choices, the menu’s core is composed of classic dishes such as Lasagna al Forno, Cobb Salad, Traditional Fish and Chips and Apple Tart.  The Lebanese Breakfast and Saj Selection are a tip-of-the-hat to the café’s Middle Eastern origins. Finding something for everyone is an arduous task indeed, but Shakespeare and Co. finds a way into almost every diner’s heart.

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“The Shakespeare and Co. management team envisions using the same proven formula in Beirut to replicate the success our café has achieved in the Middle East as well as in North America. The versatility and universal appeal of the concept was evidenced with the near overnight success of our first café opened in Lexington, Kentucky, deep in the heartland of the USA earlier this year,” said Suzanne Blake, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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About Shakespeare and Co. CaféShakespeare and Co. was established with the simple premise of serving quality food and providing friendly and efficient service in a comfortable, tranquil atmosphere. From the very first restaurant in 2001 to currently 27 company-owned and operated outlets in the United Arab Emirates and franchises in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and the United States. Shakespeare and Co. restaurants have become iconic and beloved for staying true to the philosophies upon which the company was founded.

Source: nogarlicnoonions.com

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