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Slap on those bibs: The Boiling Crab restaurant coming to Vietnam

Vietnam’s love of seafood is evident where ever you go in this beautiful country and the same can be said for other parts of Asia. The rivers that meander the ASEAN countries and seas which separate them provide an abundance of seafood fare. Sharing a shellfish meal with friends or family is the tradition across Asia so be prepared to get your fingers (at least) dirty with crab shell cracking and dipping your banh mi in the juices of the dishes while indulging in the gorging and gossip frenzy. The seduction and balance of the spices bringing friendships closer together.

The Boiling Crab Franchise Blog

Across the city streets of Ho Chi Minh City, you can find octopus grilling, narrow alleys crammed with people queued alongside displays of all kinds of shellfish, sea snails, crabs, you name it for a spot in a noisy room full of aluminium tables and plastic chairs chowing down on these delicacies. In Singapore, you will find restaurants where bookings are essential and walk ins wait for hours for a feed. Across Asia, these scenes are all too familiar.

Apart from the flavours from local shellfish places or food centres, Asia is opening its tastebuds to those around the world. Just as Mexican food took Australia by storm in the past few years, Cajun shellfish is doing the same across Asia. Just look at the various crab shacks and pots across various cities which try to mimic the flavours and freshness of The Boiling Crab.

That’s what makes The Boiling Crab a great potential investment for Asia. Since 2004, this casual full dining concept has offered the social food sharing experience typical of the southern US style boils which are so like that of Asian countries. The flavours that come in the bag of spicy Cajun goodness envelopes the table and firms the bonds of family and friendship. The first brand of its kind, with 16 restaurants across the USA and growing, the success of this concept is proven. With average annual revenue per restaurant of USD6 million there are many reasons to investigate this franchise system for expansion into Asia.

The Boiling Crab BG

VF Franchise Consulting are the exclusive representatives in Asia for The Boiling Crab and are actively looking for dynamic investors to bring The Boiling Crab experience to Asia. For more information, franchise fees, royalties, minimum investments and franchisee requirements contact us via [email protected]

Stefan Grbovac

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