Many brands in the education industry have responded to the COVID-19 with their technology-based solutions, which have enabled children to continue to learn and study in this changing world.  Of course, this also is keeping their businesses going.

Many education centers or schools operate their online classes with the help of common online learning apps, or systems which were first developed for business purposes. To some extent, that relieves the burden of cost when operating a center, but there are two disadvantages:

  • Firstly, the teaching and learning content may not be designed for or match the system/ technology, so they may not make the best use of it.
  • Secondly, those apps or systems don’t help teachers track and check students’ studying progress efficiently and on a large scale, especially when you want to run the education business over a large area.

In summary, most schools/centers have not achieved very good results trying to move their classes online when trying to do it themselves.

So how do global and proven education brands make the best out of technology?


Technology and digital teaching, learning content have to be interconnected. The technology-based English brand ENGLISHEYE does have centers. But in order to respond to COVID situation, they have launched a new monitoring learning system named “eng Tact” for the non-face-to-face learning environment by distributing remote home-study manuals.

ENGLISHEYE is a self-directed learning program for PRIMARY and MIDDLE-SCHOOL students, who are able to follow the studying program independently using a smart pad. We’re living in a world where self-study is encouraged more than ever in order to help build “be-independent” characteristics of children. Not only during this pandemic, but also for the future world.

Because students study independently, ENGLISHEYE teaches all skills but focuses more on different grammatical elements for different levels of English skills. ENGLISHEYE is a PERFECT FOUNDATION for ENGLISH ESSAY WRITING thanks to their programs. That’s also a strong point, as students can concentrate on thinking and writing at home or when they study alone.

ENGLISHEYE’s studying programs also match the global standards, which helps improve the quality of students’ self-studying progress, and for their academic success in studying later.

ENGLISHEYE has set its global footprint in many countries, as they are a suitable match for schools and English centers. Investors will be supported by the Englisheye team with the 1:1 standardized learning method and content. What else could be better than only 01 unique system for both efficient learning and management at the same time?

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Not every kid can learn by themselves. To preschool students, it’s quite difficult to make them focused during the learning time. Furthermore, they can’t “always” learn English virtually, especially when they have to build their speaking skills at this age.

So how can teachers teach preschoolers when they can’t go to school, especially when they are just at kindergarten age? Children still have to learn despite the pandemic.

Lively digital learning content

To solve these problems, WINGS has designed vivid & lively learning programs with digital textbooks and e-learning materials for PRESCHOOLERS. WINGS designs English songs, videos, easy & short interviews for them to learn the sentences effectively. WINGS’ learning programs for preschoolers teach all skills, but focus more on communication skills, as children at this age can “imitate” the pronunciation and intonation faster and more effectively.

Furthermore, WINGS also teaches math, art, science… in English and in a fun way.

AllviA – A Strong EdTech platform

This is what makes WINGS outstanding, as it allows flexible and interactive learning environments. This is A BIG PLUS to franchisees.

The AllviA system is aligned with their digital contents and allows franchisees and teachers to run different INTERACTIVE class models. Without any limitation on spaces, interactive classes can be run anywhere including your home. That is ideal in this current situation, where teachers and learners are distant apart from each other. 

When the lockdown is over, this FLEXIBLE EdTech platform allows teachers to operate a physical multi-dimensional class equipped with digital teaching methods such as smart boards, tablets, PC… Kids won’t expose themselves to “digital” things too much, as standardized classes assure their physical health.  The platform allows schools and centers to move back and forth from in-class to at-home study seamlessly and easily for both teachers and students.

With ONE-TIME INVESTMENT into 01 STRONG TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM, franchisees can get MORE THAN JUST TECHNOLOGY: Master franchisees can choose other digital content for different ages, and utilize them without charge. So just one time to buy Wings, franchisees can use the AllviA system not only to their kindergartens but also their other schools or centers.

Under the awarded Visang Education with global footprints, Wings’ business models help franchisees assure their profitability if operated correctly.

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In this digitized and technologized world, STEM and STEAM education have become more important than ever. STEAM education helps children be prepared for jobs that do not exist now. Some investors may wonder: How can they teach STEAM-related topics during this pandemic?

Like many other education sectors, children still have to learn in spite of the pandemic, and businesses have to find a way to keep it going. The award-winning STEAM education Bricks 4 Kidz from the U.S has launched their unique e-learning program. It is a great way to combine hands-on building with an academic education plan personalized for each child through the use of artificial intelligence. So basically, their academic journey for kids consists of three parts:

1/ The exclusive eLearning Kit to build over 300 interactive models, and to build the projects.

2/ Bricks 4 Kidz personalizes their award-winning curriculum for each child by grade and is aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards.

3/ The virtual adaptive AI tutor helps kids grow academically with plans for Math, Language, and Science.

As the best STEM franchise in the world with a presence in more than 40 countries, Bricks 4 Kidz offers franchisees a successful business model and their award-winning curriculum.

So it’s important to start a franchise with a PROVEN & SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MODEL, which can help investors not only to pursue the education industry but also ensure profitability.

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