Louis Vuitton China expands cover to all major cities

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton China is rolling out services to all major cities across the country.

The expanded reach, which marks the first anniversary of its e-commerce launch in China, will allow metropolitan consumers throughout the country access to Louis Vuitton’s delivery service and seven-day return policy, which it has been testing in 12 of China’s largest cities over the past 12 months.

The news follows the announcement that Louis Vuitton China, and other luxury brands, will lower prices there in response to the administration’s recent tax cuts.

The anniversary of the Louis Vuitton China business will also be marked by the release of several new exclusive products, including new bag designs and the brand’s latest fragrance.

Louis Vuitton’s e-commerce platform is supported by domestic delivery service SF Express, which serves a number of international luxury brands.

Source: Retail Inside Asia.

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