Lush Malaysia preparing for Kuala Lumpur launch


A personnel recruitment tweet has revealed that the UK cosmetics brand Lush Malaysia is preparing to open in Kuala Lumpur.

The notice, verified by Lipstiq Malaysia, was posted on July 9 to seek full- and part-time sales ambassadors, supervisors and trainee managers.

Lush retails handmade natural bath and beauty products that it says are environmentally-friendly, 100 per cent vegetarian and cruelty-free. The items are sold without packaging or using recycled packing materials.

The brand, which has stores in many Asia-Pacific markets, including Hong Kong and Australia, is likely best known for its strongly-scented effervescent “bath bombs”.

There is no further information as of yet regarding where the Lush Malaysia store will be located or when its will open.

Source: Inside Retail Asia.

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