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Anti-plastic campaigns pay off for Starbucks, 7-Eleven

Feb 15, 2019  | 

Starbucks Korea and 7-Eleven Thailand have announced positive results for their respective anti-plastic campaigns. A report in Pulse News Korea revealed that the local Starbucks subsidiary has seen consumption of single-use straws cut by half in

Singapore retail sales in December decline 3 per cent

Feb 15, 2019  | 

Singapore retail sales in December slipped 3 per cent year on year. Including motor vehicles in the data, they fell by 6 per cent. There was a month-on-month decline of  4.1 per cent excluding vehicles, largely

Starbucks India plans store roll-out

Feb 15, 2019  | 

Starbucks India plans to open 10 new stores, increasing its network to 145 by the end of this year. “We are looking at activating more store rollouts in the next few years,” said Tata Global Group

Don Quijote Hong Kong to launch in July

Feb 15, 2019  | 

Don Quijote Hong Kong is set to make its debut in the middle of this year. The Japanese discount merchandise retailer – which has three stores in Singapore and also plans to make its Thai debut

Home disadvantage in franchising

Feb 13, 2019  | 

The inherent incompatibility of uniform taste offered by franchise restaurants and regional differences in taste have contributed to the downfall of Pho 24 and the poor sales of Pho Ong Hung, which offer many lessons to

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