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Heytea Hong Kong debuts at Shatin New Town Plaza

Jan 8, 2019


Chinese tea store Heytea, which claims to be the original maker of cheese tea, has opened its first Hong Kong store in Shatin New Town Plaza.

The first Heytea Hong Kong store, which opened just before Christmas with a series of exclusive promotions for earlycomers, carries on Heytea’s attempt to rejuvenate traditional tea culture while showcasing premium tea offerings sourced from all over the world. The brand has more than 100 stores in China.

Heytea is currently promoting its Cheezo series, featuring drinks made with high-quality tea leaves from varying regions, fresh fruit, natural rock sugar and fresh cheese. The brand’s eggette roll with milk tea ice cream has been introduced as an exclusive item for the Hong Kong market.


“We are very glad to bring Heytea to Hong Kong on Christmas Eve and thankful to our fans for the support,” said Heytea founder Nie Yunchen (Neo). “Tea culture has a long and rich history in China, and infusing innovative new ingredients will bring customers a whole new experience. Therefore, we added a layer of cheese on top of the tea and found that the frothy layer not only helped mask any bitterness, but also gave an interesting salty depth to the flavor.

“The combination of tea and cheese remains the most popular choice among our customers,” said Neo.

“In addition, the Fruity Boom and In Season series are alluringly blended with tea, cheese and fruit, which millennials have fallen in love with. We will continue to develop more innovative products and rejuvenate traditional tea culture to elevate the drinks to the next level.”

The new Heytea Hong Kong store, located in Shatin New Town Plaza’s Phase I section, has an  interior design inspired by the traditional Chinese veranda, aiming to give customers the feeling of walking through bamboo forests and gardens.

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