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Pizza vending machine draws crowds in Hiroshima

Aug 13, 2018


Japan has often been regarded as the world capital of automated retailing… But the latest concept is drawing much attention on social media: a pizza vending machine.

The Italian-built machine has opened in Hiroshima, right in front of a Tsutaya video and CD rental store (apparently they still have them in Japan), with the logical suggestion people will pick up a DVD and a pizza for a night in.


The machine runs 24 hours a day. According to blog Soranews24, it currently offers two pizza options: a margherita for 980 yen (US$8.83) and 4-cheese pizza for 1280 yen.

“Once a choice has been selected and the money paid, the machine gets to work making your pizza, which takes just five minutes. That’s your chance to go and grab your movie!”

It is served in a box with a plastic carry bag and a pizza cutter to slice it with.


Soranews24 says despite there being Pizza Hut and Dominos outlets nearby, the pizza vending machine has become a popular attraction and many people have posted reviews and photos on social media channels, including Twitter (where the accompanying photos by @Hiroredev were sourced).

Hiroredev says one of the reasons the pizza vending machine is drawing a crowd is that it “smells really good while cooking”.

“In a way, that’s some kind of terrorism.”

Robert Stockdill – Inside Retail Asia

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