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Xerjoff perfume makes Singapore debut

Mar 11, 2015

Fragrance-Du-Bois-mainLuxury Italian perfume brand Xerjoff has made its southeast Asian debut at Fragrance Du Bois’ Singapore flagship boutique in the Fullerton Hotel.

Founded in 2004, the Turin-based Xerjoff perfume house is expanding its worldwide presence.

“We are thrilled to be in Singapore to showcase our finest and exclusive perfumes under Fragrance Du Bois,” said Sergio Momo, Xerjoff’s founder and creative director.

“I believe Fragrance Du Bois shares important principles with Xerjoff in the universe of artistic perfumery. It is extremely important for Xerjoff to be represented by dedicated partners who can introduce and support the philosophy of our brand.

“Additionally, Singapore is one of the trendiest fashion capitals in the world, and we believe this will be a gateway for many opportunities in the region.”

Fragrance Du Bois -315

Nicola Parker, brand director of Fragrance Du Bois, said Singapore is only the first stop.

“Xerjoff will be available in all our flagship boutiques, outlets and fragrance lounges around the word in the coming weeks. We pride ourselves in giving all our customers a luxury experience in fragrance, each and every time they walk into our boutiques or lounges.

“This partnership with Xerjoff will further enhance that experience.”

At the heart of the Xerjoff brand and all of its creations, is a combination of traditional perfumery (dating back hundreds of years), and modern, handcrafted bottles. Sergio Momo’s inspiration is derived from his Italian roots, and his dedication to a time-honoured craft has led to the formulation of some of the most memorable and original fragrances currently on the market. Momo’s empathy and understanding of the natural world has also played a part in the overall aesthetic, with a combination of precious and semi-precious hand cut stones, quartz, Murano glass, wood, brass, bronze, gold and leather, taking roles in the succession of masterpieces.

Fragrance Du Bois 315

Working with Fragrance Du Bois, Xerjoff has dedicated two collections to the mystical and enigmatic Oud oil – both presented in beautifully crafted crystal bottles. Sourced from Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Cambodia, the Oud-inspired creations are capturing the imaginations of fragrance enthusiasts worldwide.

A selection of Xerjoff’s luxury fragrances will also be available in Du Bois’ second flagship boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, within a matter of weeks.

Fragrance Du Bois has exclusive fragrance lounges in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Source insideretail.asia

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