Education is fundamental to development & growth and the key to one’s success.

Developing EQ & IQ – The foundation for future success

Many studies have shown that a person’s success is 75% based on EQ, and 25% on IQ.

  • EQ (emotional intelligence index) is expressed through soft skills. Soft skills are people-related skills, namely communication skills, teamwork skills, social empathy, creativity & initiative…
  • IQ (logical intelligence quotient) is expressed through hard skills, or more specifically, occupational expertise and problem-solving skills. To create a foundation of hard skills, thinking skills such as logical thinking and critical thinking need to be trained for children from an early age.

Foreign languages, soft skills and technical skills are the 3 most important “keys” to success in today’s society. Developing EQ & IQ is developing soft & technical skills. The two developments must be carried out in parallel, because they support each other. The important thing is that EQ & IQ should be improved and developed from an early age.

Training skills is to adapt to the ever-changing world

There are two main reasons why skill training to develop IQ & EQ is so important in today’s society.

The future job market is unpredictable & keep changing

  • According to some reports, about 85% of the jobs of the future have not yet been “invented”.
  • Many studies have shown that, ⅓ of current jobs will be replaced by AI, 40% of global workers will have to add new skills. This percentage is even higher in ASEAN.

===>> Therefore, developing IQ & EQ, to be exact, the training of soft & thinking skills for children is crucial & essential in order to create a foundation & necessary skills for children to adapt to the changing world in the future.

The demand for Science – Technology – Engineering jobs is increasing

  • Science – Technology – Engineering is increasingly developed nowadays, and applied in most fields, from agricultural production to education and many other industries…
  • The future job demand for Science – Technology – Engineering industries is very high, expected to grow by 22% in the period of 2019 – 2029, according to a report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021.

To meet the above job demand, the STEAM education method will create a foundation for children in this field, nurture their creativity, and develop their logical thinking ability. STEAM education method is Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Mathematics. This is the educational revolution, changing from passive, theory-heavy learning to active learning, focusing on practice and creativity.

Source: Freepik

Additionally, the salary for STEM-related occupations in the US is USD $38.85 / hour, double that of other jobs, according to the US Education Commission 2021 data. STEM is the field of Science – Technology – Engineering – Math.

STEAM education is fundamental and essential. STEAM is the educational method of the future.

The following 3 successful education brands from the United States will help investors both fulfill their lofty educational goals and ensure revenue by their proven business models. In general, these three brands all focus on developing IQ & EQ, training & practicing hard and soft skills through a tailored training program for children developed by leading educational experts. 


  • Develop your child’s mindset by Learning, Building, and Play with Lego Bricks, and through a STEAM-based curriculum. Thereby, contributing to the development of IQ for children.

=> Bricks 4 Kidz creates the foundation for future engineers and architects.

  • At the same time, Bricks 4 Kidz develops soft skills such as social skills, emotional skills, as well as nurtures children’s creativity through extracurricular activities.
  • Teaching Methodology “Fun-to-Learning”


  • Mathnasium is an improvement in Mathematics and Math learning methods, helping children overcome the “fear” for Math.
  • They develop IQ, critical thinking skills, and logical thinking through Mathematics.
  • Simultaneously, the Mathnasium program helps children develop EQ through problem-solving skills, leadership skills, etc.


  • Help children develop their brains and mindsets through learning programs that develop logical thinking skills, problem solving, leadership skills, etc., and STEAM training programs.
  • At the same time, Young Innovators Academy also inspires and understands children about the world, about social empathy and other related factors. Young Innovators Academy’s noble mission is to give them a strong mindset and foundation to adapt to the constantly changing world.

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