UK beauty brand Lush applied to DIPP to enter India

lushIn a move to make its market in the Indian territories, the UK beauty brand Lush applied to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) last week under the single brand retail category according to Business Standard. British beauty brand Lush is known for fresh handmade cosmetics such as the fizzing bath bomb and solid shampoo bars.

Globally, the brand has around 900 stores and its first phase of investment is for the Delhi region. The company plans to invest multi-million pounds if the market shows the expected response.
The course of plans also includes the launch of its hand and body lotion brand called Charity Pot. The money would be used to fund the local charities it supports.
Since 2006, the government has cleared 60-70 proposals of single-brand retail after the gate was opened to foreign investors. Among which the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA proposed Rs 10,500 -cr of investment which is the highest in the country. Others include Swedish apparel retail maker H&M and French company Decathlon (Rs 700 crore each).

Source: India Times

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