Waffle speciality brand, The Belgian Waffle Co. aims to add 15 outlets every month


The Belgian Waffle Co. (BWC), a famous domestic franchise brand as the name suggests serves waffles of different types. With over 120 outlets the brand has an expansive presence in 29+ cities of India, making it one of the fastest growing start-ups in the country.  The Belgian Waffle Co. sells more than 20,000 waffles every day – a stunning number when one takes into an equation that the company was founded by the couple Shrey Aggarwal and Alisha in 2015, just 3 years ago.

After this success run, the company has extensively revised and expanded the menu to bring more variety of waffles to their customers. From ‘Almond Cocoa Butter’ to ‘Charcoal Banana Caramel’, the menu has the most varied choices for waffles than any other restaurant or food brand in the country. The company is always innovating to add more variety with better and premium fillings at affordable prices. Waffle sandwiches or Waff-Wich is another popular item on their menu in which there is ice-cream stuffed between two pieces of baked waffles. BWC also offers shakes, coolers and cold coffee to complement the waffles.

Shrey Aggarwal, founder of the Belgian Waffle Co. (BWC) explained why he chose waffles of all things to base his start-up upon, “While in Manila, I discovered the ease and comfort of quick-service kiosks that used to serve fresh waffles at almost every public place. Their tantalizing aroma would prompt me to get one, even if I wasn’t feeling hungry. This made me realize the immense potential of such an idea in India where the foodie palate runs deep. Combined with the concept designed by us to make waffles a mess-free experience helped give BMC the boost it needed to take off.”

The first BWC outlet opened up at Mumbai. After that, there was no looking back.

“As a team, we have been able to keep up with the fast pace that we are growing with. Our current turn over in terms of revenue sales is  around  20,000 waffles every day and by next year, we hope to see it double as we plan to add 15 outlets every month. Our expansion reflects our mission and vision, which are to expand globally and to be the number one waffle brand in the world. It is not a small ambition, but I believe that we will get there.”

In a country where a vast population is vegetarian, what has worked for BWC is that their batter is eggless, especially designed to provide excellent taste and consistency so that there is no compromise on taste. On top of that, whether one wants a dining experience or on the go treat, BWC provides it as desired.

By SiliconIndia

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