Waynes Wins Gold In Nordic Brand And Design Competition

waynes franchise - Waynes Wins Gold In Nordic Brand And Design Competition

Yesterday, the Transform Awards Nordic competition was held. Behind the competition is Transform, a UK based organization that highlights strong branding and design work. Waynes took home gold in the Best Brand Identity in The Food and Beverage Sector category.

Transform has hosted the Transform Awards for 10 years, where Europe was first out as a region. Since then, the competition has grown and been completed in the regions Middle East & Africa, Asia, North America andmost recently the Nordic countries. The competition is the only one in the region that celebrates distinctive and innovative branding. A jury assesses players who have excelled in corporate, product and global brand design and strategy in various categories where strategy, execution, content and follow-up form the basis for the points awarded.

Waynes qualified in the Best Brand Identity in The Food and Beverage Sector category, and awarded points reached all the way to a gold place in the category.

The Jury motivation;

With declining footfall, decreased standout on the high street and a new owner in place, Swedish coffee shop chain Waynes needed to address its brand for the first time in 25 years. Waynes first updated its brand positioning to stand for accessibility, value and organic and sustainable
food choices.

The visual identity was rebuilt from the ground up. Eschewing the dark colours and staid colour palette of the past, Waynes introduced a friendly blue primary colour complemented by light woods and a cheerful, open store design. The logo was redeveloped to move away from coffee-industry clichés and establish it as a quality mark. Fun illustrations round out the playful, contemporary new identity.

Judges loved this. One called it “well researched, planned and executed.” Others praised the friendly, distinctive and inherently Swedish style built into the new brand.

Internal courage and hand picked designers Carina Dyberg, Marketing and Communications Manager at Waynes, talks about the profit and the work behind the award;
– It feels absolutely fantastic that many months of hard work can give us this award! We began our entire brand journey in the autumn of 2018 with a market survey, where the outcome of the survey led to us just over a year later standing with an updated brand identity and a completely new café concept.

– Thanks to great internal courage, collaboration across many departments within Waynes and a close collaboration with very talented creators from different disciplines, we were able to create a brand identity and a café concept where everything is connected and really breathes and communicates the messages and values we want to convey. We chose to hand-pick the skills we needed, which gave us great flexibility, close and confidential cooperation and a large and unpretentious commitment. In addition, this work also gave us the opportunity to develop our business and create new solutions to be able to meet a changing world, changed guest behavior and increased digitalization.

A concept that attracts several stakeholders

Since the launch of the new identity and café concept in February 2020, Waynes has, despite the pandemic, opened six cafés with the new identity and has three more cafés to open before the end of the year.

Mats Hörnell, CEO of Waynes, highlights the benefits of the new concept;

– We have definitely noticed an increased interest in Waynes after the launch of our new concept. Landlords get in touch and want us to open in their premises, and potential franchisees who – despite the pandemic, want to start their own Waynes. It is important for us to build an identity and a concept that attracts all our stakeholders, not only our guests but also landlords and potential franchisees, which we see that our work has resulted in.

– The next step for us will be to bring out our new identity and concept in our nine other markets, and I look forward to spreading Wayne’s organic coffee and nice Scandinavian coffee moments to our guests around the world!

About Waynes

Waynes is an international café chain that sets the standard for the modern European café concept in Sweden – the very image of how, where and when we have coffee in an urban environment. The first café opened in Stockholm in 1994, and today the chain has about 160 cafés in 10 countries.

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