Yolé eyes UK rollout

Yolé, the international sugar-free ice cream and frozen yogurt brand, is launching in the UK, with four further sites lined up.

The food-tech franchise’s first store is at Lakeside Shopping in July.

This will be followed by openings in Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, a flagship store in Shaftersbury Avenue and White City, within a few weeks.

The international chain, has its global HQ in Singapore and its European head office in Spain.

In addition to Ibiza, it has recently launched in Portugal.

The UK is the latest addition to Yolé’s global expansion plans. The brand aims to target the rest of the UK and continental Europe plus the USA, all within the next two years.

It has a presence in countries such as Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Indonesia, where it is among the leaders in the supermarket ice cream sector.

Yolé’s says its ice creams have up to 60% fewer calories, fat and sugar than the most recognized brands of ice cream and frozen yogurt.

It operates under a number of different sales formats, adapting its products for delivery and take-away.

Marta Díaz, responsible for Yolé’s international expansion, said: “Our flavor, in its different formats, is what makes us so special.”

“As soon as our potential stakeholders try it, they are convinced the brand will succeed in their respective territories.”

“We are very excited about the amazing popularity Yolé is experiencing as it expands across the world.”

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