• Headquarters: Canada
  • Industry: Education
  • Countries available: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, HongKong, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand
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  • Investment level: US$150,000 per centre
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With decades of global experience in paving the way for quality education programs, Andre Nudelman, chairman of ICA and Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford Graduate School of Education, is the former co-owner and President of Maple Bear Schools Latin America, with headquarters in Canada.


Our brand’s Canadian identity is part of ICA’s narrative and is also a symbol of quality education, effective practices, continuous improvement combined with a caring and open-minded mindset.

The infinity symbol of our brand is intrinsically connected to the idea of continuous learning, reshaping of schools by valuing and fostering personal and social competencies, thinking competencies, inquiry mindset, purposeful use of technology, personalized learning,  creativity, and communication. 


All around the globe, experts, international institutions like the OECD, and educators are urging schools to adapt to the changing reality of the world by focusing on core competencies, conceptual understanding and digital skills.

At ICA, we are committed to helping schools be adaptable and ready for any future scenario.

ICA has developed systems, knowledge and methods to empower learners to think creatively and critically, be inquisitive, and foster digital, personal and social competencies so that they can thrive in all aspects of their life.


  • Early Childhood Full Curriculum
  • Early Childhood and ELA Student Activities
  • Pedagogical short videos and other instructional media and guidance materials.
  • Grade 1-12 English Language Arts Lessons
  • Digital Media Academy Full Curriculum
  • Digital Media Academy Certification for Schools
  • Guidance on how to use third party materials
  • Curated online resources about Education
  • Online Global Community Platform for all ICA Educators



  • A research-based learning framework and methodology, always up-to-date with the most effective Canadian and International practices.
  • Student-centered, inquiry-based and technology-wise comprehensive bilingual preK-12 programs with access to curated pedagogical resources.
  • Operations manuals, including an implementation guide and all handbooks, policies, forms and templates.
  • Online and in-person training and meaningful resources for all educators, principals, coordinators, school owners and parents. Every participant receives an ICA certificate for completion.
  • Personalized and ongoing support with a dedicated ICA Facilitator from day one and a seamless and efficient quality assurance process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Education Franchises

Education franchising is one of the most promising businesses in today’s economy, as people tend to nurture their talents to adapt to this changing world. Additionally, education franchises are also profitable due to its low overhead and initial investment fees. Over the years, the rapid development of technology and the COVID pandemic have changed the education industry. The current global education trend is to train and nurture students to adapt to a changing world. STEM education, programming education, comprehensive skills education, etc., therefore attract many investors.
This is an almost impossible question to answer.  Certain industries will definitely average better ROI than others.  It is also typically true that the more you have to invest the more profit you will make.  Education is consistently one of the top performing industries in Asia and without exaggeration a solid place to build for the future.  Asian cultures almost without exception have a huge focus on childhood education, and even as adults, I find most are lifelong learners, always looking to improve themselves.
With low overhead and initial investment fees, the typical education franchise is a profitable investment. The online tutoring market for K-12 students worldwide is expected to grow by 12.75% through 2021. Education franchises are often considered recession-proof, as parents will almost always invest in their children, especially through times of increased educational hardships like the pandemic. Thanks to this ever-increasing demand for education, franchises in the industry are plenty and profitable. Education franchises typically have low royalty fees and initial investment.
There are quite a number of steps to getting an education (or any) franchise.  After an initial discussion to make sure we match up the correct franchise for you and your market, we will collect a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which will allow the brand to share more sensitive information with you.  Also, an application so they have a bit more information about your company and objectives.  Then a 3-way call with us, yourselves, and the franchisor development team.