Tendon Kohaku®

Ingredients, batter, & sauces
comes together in a hearty


The name “KOHAKU” means amber and like an amber gem shining mysteriously with plant inclusions, fresh ingredients are dipped in a golden batter and fried to an amber perfection to satisfy our customers’ palates. Living up to its name, the KOHAKU TENDON is a hearty bowl topped with delicious and beautiful tempura.

Mouth-watering “crispy batter”

The taste of tempura depends on the “batter”. KOHAKU’s “batter” is an original blend of several kinds of flour, and the frying oil is a unique blend of salad and sesame oil. We have installed the newest fryers to fry tempura, preventing oxidization of the frying oil and achieving a crispy texture and great aroma. Our TENDON cannot go without this crispy batter.

Two kinds of sauces keeps you coming back for more

KOHAKU has “two kinds of sauces” blended originally. “KOHAKU sauce” is flavorful and refreshing with just the right amount of brown sugar. It’s common to grow tired of eating TENDON, but that won’t happen with this sauce. “Spicy sauce” uses original spices, having just the right kick and increasing the customer’s appetite. These two kinds of sauces have drawn new and returning customers to KOHAKU.

KOHAKU’s Pride A success business model

“Hand-picked ingredients”

Flavors and prices range depending on the production area, producer, and brand. Flavors are more likely to be guaranteed in expensive ingredients. However, selecting the right ingredients for each dish is most important. KOHAKU’s selects ingredients after tastings based on expert knowledge.

“Hand-picked rice”

Bad rice spoils everything even if the tempura and sauces are good. But that doesn’t mean all good rice pairs well with tempura. Delicious rice in this context is rice that pairs well with tempura. KOHAKU studied rice in Japan and chose “Nanatsu-boshi” made in Hokkaido that is suitable to TENDON and produced without using much chemicals.

“Hand-picked oil”

Reusing the frying oil over a long time oxidizes the oil. Frying tempura in bad oil spoils the flavor. However, changing the fryer oil frequently while serving customers is difficult. To solve that problem, KOHAKU has installed a state-of-the-art water fryer that significantly slows down oil oxidization. With the new fryers, KOHAKU keeps the originally blended oil fresh, serving foods with guaranteed taste.

Introducing TENDON culture to the world!

TENDON is popular among various generations. It has recently been gaining popularity around the world. However, the number of stores serving TENDON is insufficient in Asia. That is where we see our possibilities. With the world in its view, “KOHAKU” aimed for Asia and opened its first branch in Singapore.

The growing lines at the opening

Shortly after the opening, “KOHAKU” in Singapore became a popular restaurant where people line up to eat. That has continued to this day, and the number of guests is increasing day by day.

Japanese TENDON business

Possibilities in Japanese food businesses

Japanese food is increasing in popularity. However, it just means there is more interest in Japanese food and Japanese restaurants around the world. In fact, Japanese food does not account for much of the menu in restaurants around the world and some of it is Japanese fusion foods that were altered to match each food culture. With very little competition, now is the chance to open Japanese restaurants serving authentic dishes at Japanese quality.

Catering to various store models

“KOHAKU” caters to various store models. This is not only because our store specializes in bowls—a relatively easy dish to prepare, but also because it has an efficient and simple operations independent from the working environment. In addition, with our strength in product development, we can cater to changes in the menu depending on the store, designing the best products for each store location and size.

Realize your dreams with the three options

Lot area: 49.6m2 or greater
Floor Space: appx. 99m2
Location: One-floor or two floors connected and facing the sidewalk, around the station, or shopping district where there is high pedestrian traffic.

Lot area: 33 to 49.6m2
Location: Large commercial facilities, shopping malls etc.

Minimum Investment: USD150,000 – USD200,000 per unit

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