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QUIZ: Are You Capable of Running a Big Franchise?

QUIZ: Are You Capable of Running a Big Franchise?

compOpting for a franchise instead of starting your own unique brand seems like an easy shortcut. But what a lot of people don’t know is that running a franchise isn’t the walk in the park it’s made out to be.

Sure, you instantly enjoy a trusted brand name and a stable operating system, but making sure your own venture remains a well-oiled machine means you have to put in a lot of hard work. Before you start looking for the franchise of your dreams, take this quiz first to see if you can handle it!

Are you capable of running a franchise?

1. What’s your financial situation?

You always have money set aside for investment opportunities.

If your sweldo were a song, it’ll be “Kisapmata.”

You have some savings, but not that much.

2. When your boss tells you what to do, you…

 Find a new way to accomplish your task in the most efficient way possible.

 Wish you were the one barking orders instead.

 Do your task diligently, following the directions to the letter.

3. How well can you handle pressure at work?

 You thrive in it. High stress environment? Bring it on.

 You stay away from it. Stress makes you physically sick.

 Nothing a cup or two of super strong coffee won’t fix!

4. How’s your business background?

 You’re in a sales or business-related job right now, and you actually enjoy it.

 Does selling ice candy to your kapitbahay as a kid count?

 You have something business-related in your resume, like an org in college or a past job.

5. Would you rather:

 Stick to a tried-and-tested routine.

 Get on by via trial and error.

 Find your way to success via a mix of tried-and-tested ways and trial and error guesswork.

6. Your colleagues describe you as someone who…

 Can get the job done, but needs to be supervised.

 Is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes to the point of skipping meal breaks.

 Is most dependable to be with for after-work drinks and company outings.

7. For you, willingness to learn new things is…

 A trait you consider valuable.

 A trait best left in school.

 Necessary for a promotion.


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