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VF Virtual Franchise Business Matching – Indonesia – August 05, 2020

VF Virtual Franchise Business Matching

Part 1: Mr. Sean T. Ngo introduces 4 Top Education franchises.

Part 2: Mr. Robert Beausoleil introduces 4 Top (F&B) franchises

Date: August 05, 2020.
Time: 09:00AM – 06:00PM.
Platform: Zoom.

VF Franchise Consulting, cooperating with IFBM, was excited to bring new business opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia. Our franchise business matching webinar was divided into two key sections:

First section: Who we are? How we could bring you an opportunity. Brands Looking for multi-unit or Master Franchisees.

Franchise brands presented were from the USA, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

  • Food & Beverage (F&B): Little Caesars Pizza, Mango Tree, Mango Chilli, and COCA
  • Children’s Education: QOOCO, englisheye, Wings, Mathnasium
  • Q&A session for event attendees.

Second section: One-on-One meetings with International Representatives

  • Private discussions with our franchise consultants about the brands of interest
  • Learn more about the brands and their franchising requirements
  • Learn the steps to acquire the franchise for Indonesia

Key Event Stats:

  • Event Registrations: 50+
  • Successful One on One meetings: 15+ (some meetings ongoing and scheduled for later time)
  • Attendees: franchisees, investors and operators in F&B and education, entrepreneurs

Little Caesars® – The World’s Third Largest Pizza Chain

Want to expand the business but don’t know which should be next? How about the Third Largest Pizza Chain in the world?
– Is in 20+ countries and territories worldwide with over 5,500 locations
– Has archived this rapid growth because of a great brand, great product, and great franchisees
– Average ROI globally is 3-5 years
– Significantly lower in price than the closest chain competitor. Instantly become the low-cost and best value leader in your market. Perfect for the price sensitive markets of Asia.

Minimum Investment
1,500,000 USD

Learn moreVideo

Mathnasium® – The Math Learning Center

Our mission: Teach children math, so they understand it, master it, and love it. Math can change their lives, and they can change the world.

Mathnasium is a revolution in math education. Our proprietary teaching method empowers children to catch up and get ahead while making learning fun and engaging. With over 1,000 centers on five continents, we continue to expand around the world.

Mathnasium master franchisees have the unique franchise opportunity to seize a huge share of the multibillion-dollar tutoring industry by owning the #1 brand in the business.

Why Mathnasium?
● Improve academic grades and boost test scores
● Build confidence that extends beyond math class
● Personalize lesson plans to their child’s specific needs
● Teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Minimum Investment
1,000,000 USD

Learn more


English is the official language of business and the tourism world. Mandarin is important because of China’s increasing global importance in the world.

Why don’t we just have both in one school?
– QOOCO team is a group of learning and technology experts from around the world with a passion for improving the way students learn and develop their language skills with innovative mobile and speech recognition technology.

– QOOCO is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week so students can learn anytime, anywhere – at home, at school, in transit.

– Curriculum is organized in a way so teachers do not have to think about course planning or be able to speak English or Mandarin to be successful.

Minimum Investment
350,000 USD

Learn more – Video – Webinar



A new generation of English learning programs for preschoolers.

Based on an ICT Fusion Education platform, the Wings program provides content to help teachers and children learn interactively. By using smartboards and tablet PCs, every student can interact in the class and communicate effectively with teachers.

Minimum Investment
750,000 USD



A new type of self-paced English education designed for tablet, PCs.

The englisheye program drives itself forward under slogan “Authentic and real English”, delivering a self-paced English learning system for primary and secondary school students. Students use smart devices to access englisheye content and study English independently.

Minimum Investment
750,000 USD


With over 62 years of experience in successful food service operations as a pioneer of hot pot, COCA’s commitment to quality, satisfaction and customer service, has attributed to its long-standing success.

COCA’s simple but powerful core brand values: “Simple, Healthy, Lively”
-Fresh, “hand-selected” delicacies
-Cantonese cuisine with signature hot-pot
-Premium and quality material
-Consistent taste
-Simple, lively & healthy
-Just like your home Hospitality

Minimum Investment
500,000 – 800,000 USD per restaurant

Learn more – Video – Webinar

Mango Tree®

MANGO TREE – One of Top THAI RESTAURANT in the region.

Mango Tree Worldwide is one of the world’s most innovative and best-known Thai culinary lifestyle brands, serving contemporary Thai cuisine.

Mango Tree explores the culinary of all four regions of Thailand: Northern, Northeastern, Central and Southern Thai favorites. Refreshed for contemporary tastes and inspired by local and seasonal specialties.

– World’s most innovative and best-known Thai culinary lifestyle brands.
– Great brand direction and support.
– Single unit franchises available.
– Reasonable investment, starting from USD500,000 – 800,000 per restaurant only.

Minimum Investment
500,000 – 800,000 USD per restaurant

Learn more – Video – Webinar

Mango Chili®

Mango Chili Thai Café is a fun, vibrant social dining space where groups of friends and families can come together and enjoy simple, easy yet original Thai street food.

As a part of Mango Tree and COCA worldwide, Mango Chili Thai Café offers easy and simple Thai food from the streets of Thailand, inviting global diners to experience Thai street food just as the locals do.

With unique approach to cooking Thai dishes, along with rustic yet vibrant concept of the restaurant, Mango Chili Thai Café will assure dinners of a fun and exciting dining experience with fast and casual Thai street food in a fun and affordable way, just as they would find in Thailand.

Perfect for the price conscious markets in Asia.

Minimum Investment
150,000 – 200,000 USD per restaurant

Learn more – Video – Webinar


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