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VF to promote International brands at Vietnam Franchise show 2017

VF Franchise Consulting to promote successful international brands at Vietnam Franchise show 2017

VF Franchise Consulting, Asia’s leading franchising and licensing consulting company, assists leading international franchises from the US, Australia, and Asia enter Southeast Asia, will introduce successful international brands in the 9th Vietnam International Retail & Franchise Show 2017.

The largest retail & franchise show in Vietnam will take place from June 1-3, 2017 at SECC in Ho Chi Minh City, VF Franchise Consulting expects to help many franchisors reach potential franchisees. Many of these franchisees may not be currently in the franchising industry but wish to expand into this fast-growing sector.

As the world’s most effective and successful model, franchising provides investors with a rapid avenue for entering into businesses with controlled levels of investment and reduced risk. In franchising, the franchisee does not do it alone and is heavily supported by experienced and successful franchisors.

One of the featured brands at the show is Little Caesars®, the largest carryout-only pizza chain in the world, with locations in eight Canadian provinces, all 50 US states and 18 countries worldwide.

Another brand Element Fresh®, established in 2002, is the leading casual dining brand in Shanghai and across China with nearly 40 corporate restaurants and on track to add another 30 locations in China by 2020. It offers a refined casual dining experience with an array of gourmet fresh foods and beverages.

Currently popular in many countries, Presotea® from Taiwan introduced the world’s first premium tea brewing process using an espresso machine that retains the flavors and sweetness of the tea. With more than 340 franchise stores open, Presotea® has a presence in Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, China and Australia.

The Boiling Crab Franchise Blog

Another very popular franchise from the US is The Boiling Crab®. The Boiling Crab® restaurants are casual, full dining restaurants modeled after traditional, Cajun-style, seafood boils from Louisiana and Southern Texas, where eating crawfish, crab, lobster, shrimp, raw oysters, fried catfish or shrimp, Cajun fries, gumbo and other side dishes is a social and family event.

In addition to food and beverage, leading education and training franchises such as The Edge® are seeking franchisees for Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The Edge® is a Hong Kong based learning centre designed to help students get into the TOP Universities in the US, UK, and Canada. It is a premier one-stop provider of educational services for Grade 6 to Grade 12. The Edge is Hong Kong’s #1 SAT Preparation service provider.

According to Mr Sean T. Ngo, CEO of VF Franchise Consulting, the advantages for foreign international brands when franchising in Vietnam are many. They include increased presence in Asia as Vietnam is one of the most populous countries in the world (13th in the world). A fast-rising GDP per capital that is only second to China over the past decade. This has helped to drive a sharp increase in consumerism and a doubling of the middle-class by the year 2020. Vietnam is expected to to have the 9th largest economy by 2050 according to investment bank Goldman Sachs.

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