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Lettuce, tomato play second fiddle on Arby’s new BLT

Jun 26, 2015


Fast-food giant Arby’s has a new BLT, but it’s heavy on the “B” and isn’t being promoted so much on the “L” or the “T.”

The restaurant’s King’s Hawaiian Brown Sugar Bacon BLT, one of three new brown sugar bacon offerings being sold for a limited time, contains six strips of bacon — three pieces of the new bacon and three of the firm’s more familiar peppercorn bacon.

Promotional copy on Arby’s website plays down the fresh produce part of the sandwich: “The BLT called; it wants more bacon. Three strips of brown sugar bacon layered with three more strips of pepper bacon? That’s six strips of bacon. We did the math. It checks out. Don’t worry, lettuce and tomato, you can come too, and bring your friend mayonnaise. We’ll put all y’all on a sweet King’s Hawaiian bun.”

Arby’s is also offering Roast Beef & Brown Sugar Bacon and Brown Sugar Bacon Pit Smoked Ham sandwiches on a limited-time basis, also on King’s Hawaiian bread.

Source: thepacker.com

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