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Pressto, the best Dry Cleaners

Apr 6, 2016

Pressto brand has been selected by consumers as 2016 Dry Cleaning of the year, thanks to its expertise, focus on their customer’s needs, quality of its services and personalized customer care.

Pressto Dry Cleaning and Laundry franchise begins year 2016 with a new award, Dry Cleaning of the Year, which recognizes its more than 20 years of experience in the sector, its constant innovation, its services and careful customer service.

The singularity of this award, and also its importance, is that it has been awarded by their own customers.  Consumers have chosen, among the leading brands in the sector, the one that they considered the best laundry and dry cleaners and they have valued certain characteristics of the franchise such as price level, offers and promotions as well as additional services.


 “For the whole Pressto team, this award from our customers has been a real motivation stimulus in order to keep working with determination, commitment and continue our efforts to improve day after day and provide customized services focus in our customer’s needs, definitely, making their life easier. Honestly, we have no words to let our customers know how much we appreciate this special award and their confidence placed every day in our company, for their support and dedication in each of our services and new shops we implement and, always trust Pressto for their garments and accessories care. Sincerely, their recognition and daily visit is the greatest honour we could ever have to continue working in each customer and meet their expectations and needs” they announce very proudly from Spanish headquarters.

The attributes of Pressto that have been better valued by their customers have been quality-price relationship, ambiance and image of the shops, the service and customer care and the fast service that is offered.

The organizing company, Cuál es la Mejor, has called these awards for the first time with the objective to distinguish the best brands in the sector and this study has been supported by AEDEMO (Spanish Association of Market and Opinion Study) and ESOMAR (European Society of Opinion and Market Research)

Pressto, the leader franchise in the sector

Pressto Dry Cleaning and Laundry Spanish Franchise began its activity in 1994. Today is present in 24 countries of the 5 continents with a total of 520 worldwide shops.

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