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Thai retail academy launched

Oct 9, 2015

Siam Discovery

Mall operator Siam Piwat has partnered with two universities to create a Thai retail academy.

Siam Piwat has collaborated with Thailand’s two leading educational institutions: Chulalongkorn University  and Thammasat University to introduce the new retail educational concept, Thailand’s first specific course of facility management.

The Siam Piwat Academy will encompass every aspect of shopping mall and  property facility management, which will be shared by specialist professional executives.

SiampiwatAssist. Prof. Vorapat Inkarojrit, Distinguished scholar Mr.Wicha hanamornroongruang,Mrs. Chanisa Chutirat ,Assist. Prof. Jittaporn Sribonnjit

Chanisa Chutipat, president of Siam Piwat, said: “Siam Piwat’s 56 years of success in  shopping mall and retail business has led the company to the creation of Siam Piwat Academy – Thailand’s first  leading educational institution offering Shopping Mall and Public Assembly Facility Management. The academy proceeds on the company’s vision of sharing the knowhow and long experiences of the company with retail businesspeople through Siam Piwat’s executives, who have long been in the business. By introducing Siam Piwat Academy, the company has emphasised its main strategy of being the advanced creative leader, and strengthened the capability of those high executives, who are the main supporters in driving business to success.”

She said the essential goal of the academy is to give back to the society by enhance the quality of life and education standard for Thais.

“We expect to share our business knowhow to support the development of retail business industry, to increase Thais’ competitiveness for them to be ready for global platforms – thus, leading to the strong and sustainable retail business  management.”

Wicha Hanamornroongruang, distinguished scholar, Faculty of Architecture and Siam Piwat’s advisor, said the company’s executives had often been invited to lecture business  personnel.

“We foresee such business expansion will call for an increase in human resources. Thus, in 2015, we  decide to officially launch the course of Public Assembly Facility Management for the first time in Thailand. The course will feature both theoretical knowhow taught by honorable professors of each university, and real and practical working experiences by Siam Piwat’s executives. By enrolling in the course, one will also be granted a chance to observe businesses in Siam Piwat. In the next three years, we plan to elevate such vocational education to the level that Thailand becomes ASEAN’s largest learning center in shopping mall and retail business management.”

He said the company and the universities want to collaborate with more international institutions and the company’s partners to develop the course so it efficiently covers all dimensions of shopping mall and retail business management.

Siam Piwat academy has opened a short three-month intensive program for executives in Shopping Mall Facility Management in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Next on schedule is Public Assembly Facility Management course – the collaboration with Thammasat University – which will run from November to February. Siam Piwat academy expects about 100 persons who will graduate from Facility Management course, and within five years Siam Piwat Academy will empower more than 500 people in the major of Facility Management.

Siampiwat 2Assist. Prof. Vorapat Inkarojrit, Distinguished scholar Mr.Wicha hanamornroongruangt ,Assist. Prof. Jittaporn Sribonnjit

Source: insideretail.asia

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