Little Caesars aims to dominate New York City

Little Caesars is planning to expand its presence in New York City by opening numerous restaurants in the area. The pizza chain has teamed up with two experienced franchisees to initiate a 10-unit deal as a starting point. The ultimate goal is to establish hundreds of Little Caesars restaurants in the New York City market.

Little Caesars, a pizza chain, has ambitious plans to expand its presence in New York City by opening hundreds of new restaurants in the metropolitan area in the next few years. The first phase of this plan involves a 10-store agreement with experienced franchisees Suhel Ahmed and Saurabh Desai, who will develop restaurants in the Bronx and upper Manhattan by 2026, with the first location set to open in late 2023. Little Caesars believes its compact store layout and efficient operating model make it a suitable fit for New York City’s dense urban environment.

According to Little Caesars’ Chief Development Officer Jeremy Vitaro, the company is targeting New York for two main reasons. First, the Tri-State area and Northeast region represent the largest area of less developed opportunity in the country. Second, Little Caesars’ streamlined operating model and small store layouts work well in urban areas, where digital and delivery options have a significant impact on customer acquisition. The company launched third-party delivery in early 2020, right before the first wave of the pandemic, and five years ago, it introduced the Pizza Portal, a self-serve locker system that allows customers to order ahead and pick up their food.

According to Vitaro, the model is well-suited for busy, densely populated areas where people are on the move, such as many areas in New York City. Little Caesars has always had an opportunity in these areas, but the integration of digital ordering and delivery has made a significant difference. This combination has benefited stores throughout the country, but especially in markets like New York. Little Caesars is looking to expand its presence and is interested in partnering with experienced multi-unit franchisees, such as Ahmed and Desai, who have decades of restaurant experience and own multiple franchise locations for other quick-service chains in New York City.

To attract experienced franchisees who are not currently part of the Little Caesars system, it is important to highlight what makes the brand unique, such as its efficient operating model and vertically integrated supply chain. These factors have helped Little Caesars withstand challenging economic conditions. Additionally, it is important to communicate the brand’s size and strength, as many potential franchisees are unaware that Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States in terms of the number of units. This is largely due to the company’s private, family-owned nature. Little Caesars is not just another pizza chain, and stands out in terms of its speed, convenience, and value.

According to Vitaro, Little Caesars has a highly skilled development team that will aid the company’s growth throughout the New York metro area. Recent additions to the team include Patrick Cunningham, the vice president of U.S. development, who joined the company last year after serving as the director of operations at Dunkin’ and the senior director of franchising at Inspire Brands. Additionally, Basil Kazepis, the vice president of real estate and construction, joined Little Caesars a year and a half ago after working with brands such as Dunkin’ and Taco Bell in New York City. Vitaro describes Kazepis as one of the most accomplished real estate executives in the New York area. Little Caesars has other team members with expertise in operating, real estate, and franchising in the Northeast and New York, giving candidates confidence that the team possesses the knowledge necessary to succeed in a challenging market like New York.

Little Caesars is offering multi-unit franchise opportunities in the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Long Island, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey, and Connecticut, with a minimum agreement of three stores.

Little Caesars is also looking to expand its presence in underdeveloped cities across the country, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Vitaro notes that the company has significant DMAs where it has a limited presence, such as Denver, Indianapolis, and Kansas City. By utilizing digital ordering and delivery, Little Caesars can expand its brand and achieve success in areas where it has not previously established itself during earlier stages of development.

Little Caesars is seeking multi-unit franchisees with extensive QSR experience to help grow the brand internationally. For more information about Little Caesars Pizza franchise opportunities in your region, please visit or contact us at

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