Toridoll – Japanese noodle shop operator acquires UK pizza chain

The noodle shop operator, Toridoll Holdings, purchased the chain, Franco Manca, for £95 million ($124 million). Franco Manca has 53 locations throughout the U.K., and the acquisition is part of Toridoll’s strategy to expand its business outside of Japan. Toridoll owns the ramen chain Ippudo, which has locations in 14 countries. It also owns other well-known restaurant brands, including Marugame Udon and Wok to Walk.

The company plans to leverage Franco Manca’s expertise in fermentation to improve its noodle-making process.

The acquisition of Franco Manca by Toridoll Holdings is part of the Japanese company’s strategy to expand its footprint globally and diversify its portfolio.

The deal is expected to provide Franco Manca with access to Toridoll’s global resources and expertise in operations, while also allowing the UK-based pizza chain to maintain its unique brand identity and focus on serving high-quality pizzas made from scratch.

Franco Manca was founded in 2008 in Brixton, London and has since expanded across the UK. The company is known for its sourdough pizza made with high-quality ingredients, including slow-rise dough, seasonal vegetables, and sourdough starter made from natural yeast.

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