Best Education Franchises to Buy in 2022

Coding has become an essential part in this Fourth Industrial Revolution era.

As education nowadays has to adapt to the constantly changing world, there are various education franchises that teach more than the basic subjects like language and math. 

The educational goals in this 21st century are much broader than before. Children don’t go to school just to learn how to write and read. They also learn how to develop as a whole person, how to fulfill their potential and learn how to work and live in the digital era. This leads to a huge potential for coding education for children, bilingual education for Pre K-12 school.

Additionally, the education market is one of the most resilient and promising investments, because children always have to learn despite the pandemic or lockdown. Education businesses tend to be more resilient to economic slow-downs than other businesses. 

Here are the best education franchises which not only meet the needs of young learnersbut also provides an attractive ROI for the right franchisee.


Canada is recognized worldwide for its top quality of education, but that is not the only reason that makes International Canadian Academy (ICA) outstanding. ICA has developed systems, knowledge and methods to empower learners to adapt to the changing reality of the world by focusing on core competencies, conceptual understanding and digital skills. This is what makes them different from many others.

1.1 Why franchise International Canadian Academy?

ICA has built student-centered, inquiry-based and technology-wise comprehensive bilinguals from Early Childhood to pre K-12 programs with access to curated pedagogical resources. But ICA doesn’t have only one curriculum for all countries. They look into the education industry in the franchisee’s country and customize the curriculums to adapt to local educational requirements.

The main curriculums of ICA include:

  • Early Childhood – Full Curriculum
  • Early Childhood and ELA Student Activities
  • Pedagogical short videos and other instructional media and guidance materials.
  • Grade 1-12 English Language Arts Lessons
  • Digital Media Academy – Full Curriculum
  • Digital Media Academy – Certification for Schools
  • And more!

1.2 How ICA supports franchisees:

ICA has online and in-person training, operational manuals, personalized and on-going support for franchisees / investors to help them run the ICA business. ICA also possesses their own Online Global Community Platform, which all ICA educators can join for further support. 

2. LOGISCOOL – Digital classes in the digital era

Logiscool is now teaching computer programming and coding to over 160,000+ students and in over 35 countries. These impressive numbers are the result of proven and successful coding classes.

2.1 What does Logiscool offer to investors?

Logiscool provides investors with over 1,000 digital lessons with fun-based methodology and a long-term curriculum for kids and teens, which also meets the European educational standards. 

Logiscoool doesn’t teach coding to students through numbers, but through diverse digital subjects and activities that are suitable for their ages, such as robotics, AI, Roblox game design, Minecraft, video and photo editing, website creation and more. The curriculum is divided into two main parts:

  • Course:  in-school and online after-school courses in a range of digital topics 
  • Camps: concentrate on outdoor and active learning, which is an increasing educational trend in Asian countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, etc. 

Kids and children therefore learn not only how to code, but also how to be creative while gaining digital literacy.

2.2 Why be a franchise partner of Logiscool? 

Logiscool has invested immensely in an educational platform scalable for all ages around the world. With one time investment, franchisees will get access to their student community platform, Scoolcode, MyLogiscool. That means the franchisees can connect students globally – 35-country network. This is one of Logiscool’s advantages.

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