Building Win-Win Relationships With Industry Giants

The big guys in many fields, especially in the fast food and restaurant segments; retail stores, cosmetics, other consumer goods…; fashion; education – training… are gradually catching up with the heat of the franchising market. By borrowing power from franchisees to expand a business, optimize capital and strengthen personnel, besides, franchise partners will have the advantage of minimizing risks, list of advertising expenses is also limited to a minimum. The essential advantage that makes the franchising business model fully developed is that it optimizes economic profits for both franchisors and franchisees.

Franchisee’s advantages

First of all, avoiding risks and variables in the process of developing an entirely new business project. Organizations and individuals standing on the side of the Franchisee will purchase the right to use an existing brand name of a business, affiliated brand and other intellectual property to market and sell products with the same brand and uphold the same standards as enlightened enterprise did.

Second, the franchisee will be trained in management methods and skills from the most practical perspective since all knowledge will be based on the experience of failures and successes of the franchisors has gone through.

Franchisor’s advantage

For the franchisor, they already have certain competitive advantages as well as the credibility of their target customers. Franchising helps them optimize capital as well as strengthen brand awareness without spending a lot of money and personnel to manage all stores and branches in operation.

Increase revenue from business activities and franchise fees; besides, franchisors can also take advantage of regional cultural understanding from personnel in that region and country to promote operations to avoid cultural conflicts while entering the market.

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