Cinnabon Returns to Kuala Lumpur with Delicious Makara Cinnamon Treats

Cinnabon has made a comeback in Malaysia through a new partnership with AC Hesed Group Malaysia, debuting their latest bakery at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur.

A key ingredient that sets Cinnabon apart is its Makara Cinnamon, exclusively sourced from Indonesia. This special cinnamon lends Cinnabon’s rolls their irresistible and distinctive flavor. With its signature cinnamon-filled delights, Cinnabon aims to delight Malaysian palates, offering a range of options to satisfy every sugar craving.

The new bakery entices with the aroma of freshly baked rolls infused with Makara cinnamon, featuring their renowned Cinnamon Rolls topped with cream cheese frosting. These rolls are available in two sizes—original Cinnabon and smaller Minibons—and in three flavors: Classic, Caramel Pecanbon, and Chocobon. For enthusiasts, Cinnabon offers convenient CinnaPacks, including 2-Packs of Classic Rolls, and 4-Packs and 9-Packs of Minibons for take-home enjoyment.

Guests can also indulge in innovative treats like Roll-on-the-Go, crafted from the decadent center of the classic Cinnabon. Beverage options include a variety of espresso-based hot and iced coffees, freshly squeezed Classic Lemonade, and blended Chillattas, ensuring there’s something to complement every Cinnabon experience.

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