Floozie Cookies expands its vegan treats in the United States and Canada

Floozie Cookies, a concept for vegan stuffed cookies, is planning to expand its business from London to the United States and Canada. The company will partner with hospitality agency TGP International and franchise developer Oakscale to break into these large cookie markets.

Founder Kimberly Lin, a professional pastry chef since 2007, has always been drawn to cookies despite working in a variety of restaurant settings. She believes that cookies can provide the same joy as more technical desserts like petit gateaus, and maybe even more.

Kimberly Lin noticed that while London has a large vegan market, there were not many places that offered a decadent vegan cookie. Most vegan cookies had other dietary restrictions such as low sugar or gluten-free, and had similar flavors. To address this gap, Lin worked with Simon Wright, founder of TGP International, to open a pop-up for Floozie Cookies in Covent Garden in September 2020. As the business saw more success, Lin opened more pop-ups and eventually a permanent location in Covent Garden.

TGP also opened a location in Dubai and is planning to open one in Cairo. Despite having only two locations, Lin and Oakscale are targeting the North American market due to the massive cookie market in the US. Lin sees this as the perfect time to expand her business.

Ryan Durishin, Vice President of Development and formerly with TGP, brought knowledge of Floozie Cookies to Oakscale, leading the franchise development company to become involved in the business. During his time with TGP, Durishin focused on bringing brands to the US, making Floozie Cookies a natural addition to his portfolio.

Oakscale is also working on franchise development for other companies such as Dogdrop, PetWellClinic, and Xpresso Delight, but will specifically focus on expanding Floozie Cookies in the US market. Meanwhile, TGP will concentrate on expanding the business internationally.

To help generate brand awareness and attract prospective franchisees, the marketing strategy will highlight what makes Floozie Cookies unique: the stuffed cookies, with fillings such as chocolate ganache, caramel or jam, as well as rotating seasonal flavors.

“We feel that focusing on the vegan product and also the demographic is key,” said Durishin. “We’re not overly boisterous about Floozie being vegan, but instead on being that everybody can enjoy it.”

“I’d imagine we’re not going to target the middle bit of America straight away, but you never know,” said Lin. “We’ll go where the demand is.”

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