Focus on the variables you can manage

Paul Lewis is the managing director of Pitman Training, a renowned independent training company teaching world-class office and IT skills to tens of thousands of students in the United Kingdom and internationally.


Clearly, we are at a difficult moment with our economy, growing expenses, and a great deal of future uncertainty. It’s not just in the United Kingdom, but globally, and nobody knows what the future holds. You may attempt to second-guess, but I’ve always found that the key for any organization is to ensure it has good foundations, understands its client base, and is doing everything to the best of its ability — it’s the little things that build up to the broader picture.

When circumstances are difficult, companies will shut and only the strongest will remain. You must outperform your competition in every aspect of your business, including customer service, team management, and sales. You cannot control the economy, but you can manage your team’s culture, values, and work ethic. In times of uncertainty, it is essential to concentrate on the business factors you can influence.


You must guarantee that your team and the individuals in your organization are safe, from the office personnel to franchisees and their employees. Determine how the present circumstance is impacting them. Should you make any modifications for them? People are essential to the success of any business, and you must have their complete support. If customers have bought into your company’s principles and mission statement, then it comes down to whether you can change their toolkit for success — marketing and mentality are two essential tools.


When it comes to your company concept, be proud of what you provide and stick by your goods. It is very essential to us at Pitman Training to bring value to our students’ experiences with us. Instead of giving discounts, we will add value by providing career support services, emphasizing and assisting students in applying for new positions, and ultimately ensuring that they achieve the purpose for which they came to us. People don’t come to us for training; they want to transform their lives, acquire new skills, advance in their careers, or find a new job. If we assist them in achieving their goals, we will get brand champions who will help us expand.



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