The use of technology in English learning & teaching has become not only more popular but also fundamental in this digitalized/post-covid world. 

According to UNICEF, early childhood education is so important, as it builds the foundations for children to flourish in life. The growth of the Global Preschool market size is estimated to be 8% of CAGR – 735.13 millions during the forecast period 2021 – 2025. ***

Understanding the market demand and absorbing Edtech into teaching & studying, WINGS can help you at its best to build a strong English foundation for children in your country while ensuring profitability.


WINGS provide an interactive and active learning environment through a wide variety of real-world activities and situations. 

  • The key advantage of Wings is its learning platform supported by the AllviA system, which makes WINGS outstanding, and their technology-driven teaching methods possible. This is a next-generation EdTech platform built through high expertise in both education and IT, and its creation of a student-centered class ****. 
  • With the AllviA platform, you can be the leader of English EdTech with a comprehensively developed curriculum in your country. As EdTech is the future of education.

AllviA is an interactive education solution that uses smart boards and pads

To make digital teaching & learning effective, every Wings classroom is equipped with digital teaching methods. Smartboards, laptops or PC, tablets are available.


WINGS education method is technology-based & focused, which helps pupils/ students get accustomed to the digital world. 

One-time investment into 01 strong technology platform allows 3 sides to check and follow up with teaching & learning progress: for the franchisees or teachers – pupils/ students – parents.

The digitized educational system for any subjects

WINGS students can learn English and other subjects suitable for their ages at the same time. That helps develop children’s brains and minds comprehensively. Our next sector will explain this in detail. 

  1. Wings curriculum meets all of your requirements, as it is designed for children at 4 – 6 years old, the best ages to learn a foreign language and to develop their brains. WINGS’s vivid & lively learning materials will definitely inspire your children to learn.
  2. Furthermore, WINGS not only helps children learn English, but also helps them discover real-life topics in math, art, science… in a fun way. WINGS flourish the talents, and knowledge of children from a very young age

With a curriculum designed by education experts and the strongest technology, the AllviA platform makes these combinations possible.


Every interactive class at Wings helps children learn subjects and real-life topics through multidimensional content.







The stories integrated educational activities customized for preschool children allow them also learn basic math, science, and art.







Wings App For Parents

With AllviA system, parents can actively stay connected with a system that shows the results of their children’s learning status and process. The outstanding point is that Wings parents can actively check not only the results but also the learning progress of their children.

The learning management system analyzes the academic weaknesses through customized feedback. Then the system provides the needed tools to maximize learning effects.

An awarded brand with global footprints

Wings is under Visang, an awarded educational leader with a presence in many Asian countries, Middle East and Canada.


There are three reasons which explain why this platform can assure the effectiveness of english teaching & earning, and why it’s good for your business.

1/ Cost-effective for a long-term business plan: With one time understanding of how to utilize AllviA, franchisees can freely choose other digital content and utilize it. This is cost effective and doesn’t require additional license charge for master franchise

2/ Flexibility is among the key advantages of AllviA – Wings:

  • The other content can be uploaded, which makes investors use various content with ease.
  • The AllviA system and Wings offer many types of interactive classrooms, which contributes to the business models.

3/ Easy to use: With its utmost technology combined, this platform is easy to use.

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**** Wings strengthens its Edtech platform for the global market

**** UK’s Bett Award


*** Preschool Market Analysis


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Education Franchises

Education franchising is one of the most promising businesses in today’s economy, as people tend to nurture their talents to adapt to this changing world. Additionally, education franchises are also profitable due to its low overhead and initial investment fees. Over the years, the rapid development of technology and the COVID pandemic have changed the education industry. The current global education trend is to train and nurture students to adapt to a changing world. STEM education, programming education, comprehensive skills education, etc., therefore attract many investors.
This is an almost impossible question to answer.  Certain industries will definitely average better ROI than others.  It is also typically true that the more you have to invest the more profit you will make.  Education is consistently one of the top performing industries in Asia and without exaggeration a solid place to build for the future.  Asian cultures almost without exception have a huge focus on childhood education, and even as adults, I find most are lifelong learners, always looking to improve themselves.
With low overhead and initial investment fees, the typical education franchise is a profitable investment. The online tutoring market for K-12 students worldwide is expected to grow by 12.75% through 2021. Education franchises are often considered recession-proof, as parents will almost always invest in their children, especially through times of increased educational hardships like the pandemic. Thanks to this ever-increasing demand for education, franchises in the industry are plenty and profitable. Education franchises typically have low royalty fees and initial investment.
There are quite a number of steps to getting an education (or any) franchise.  After an initial discussion to make sure we match up the correct franchise for you and your market, we will collect a signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which will allow the brand to share more sensitive information with you.  Also, an application so they have a bit more information about your company and objectives.  Then a 3-way call with us, yourselves, and the franchisor development team.

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