How to choose the right education franchise

Education franchises

Education is one of the most important sectors that will never be replaced. But like most businesses, education centers have to be differentiated and well-positioned to be successful. Franchising can help you start your educational business from scratch.

Must investors be educators to run educational businesses? The answer is NO. Proven and successful education franchises will offer comprehensive training and assistance to franchisees.

If you choose the right education franchise, your education business will be profitable. Here are the key factors which need considering before cooperating with an education franchisor.


Buying a franchise means you can benefit from their brand reputation, experience, network, proven business model with unique products, and also from their strong franchise support team. There are thousands of education franchises out there, but let’s think of a cooperation with an education franchisor if they meet these key requirements.

Big name, big brand: That gives you advantages over other competitors in the sector right after you launch your centers thanks to credibility and the brand’s reputation. Parents and students will think of your centers first when considering a place to study. 

Proven business model: Running an education center is in fact running a business. The proven business model of big education franchises can help save franchisees money and time.

Unique products: What makes the educational products unique is a proven and award-winning curriculum that is developed and continually updated by education experts. Additionally, established education franchises can help your centers quickly adapt to the changing world, which may take a lot of time if you do it on your own.

Ongoing support: This is why businessmen and entrepreneurs decide to be a franchisee. Successful education franchises have a strong franchise support team that will assist their franchisees in operating successful education businesses.


Franchisees have to do research on these main factors before cooperating with a franchisor.

As a franchisee, you have to do research on these main factors.

a. How is the local market demand?

Demand comes first, supply comes later.

There are many sectors in this education industry, such as STEM education (a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), computer coding for kids and students, math tutoring, English learning, or maybe a Pre-K12 school may be a better choice in your area. Do research to figure out which sector has the potential to meet the demand of your local market.

b. Choose leading education brands

Don’t forget the advantages of franchising well-known education brands. After finding out which sector and understanding the local demand, find the top brands of that sector, and make a SWOT analysis to figure out the most suitable brands.

c. Financial assessment

This process takes much effort and time to figure out if it’s worth your investment. Let’s assess these key financial factors:

  • How much to buy the education franchise
  • What is the return on investment (ROI)
  • What are the fees: franchise fee, royalty fee, marketing, etc. 
  • If you want to understand thoroughly, ask the franchisors or franchise consultants with relevant knowledge and experience.

d. Compare

Afterall, let’s compare the education franchises to select the best one that meets your needs and your goals.

  • Will this education franchise help achieve my long-term goals?
  • What is the reputation of the brand in the market?
  • What kind of support and how long franchisees will receive it?
  • What you expect from the franchisor?
  • How the brand will interact with local customers?
  • How will you forecast the future of this business?
  • And MORE!


Now it’s time for you to select the most suitable education franchises to start your business. Here are the leading education brands in the sector which have proven their business model and reputation through a presence in many countries.

Bricks 4 Kidz for Science – Technology – Engineering – Math Education:

This award-winning American education franchise is teaching children STEM skills in over 40 countries. Bricks 4 Kidz is both a service center and a mobile-based business to create many revenue streams. Their “learning through playing” curriculum has won many prestigious awards and meets two critical US educational standards: Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Additionally, Bricks 4 Kidz has won awards not only for their curriculums but also for their business model. 

Logiscool – Programming & coding education franchise from Europe

Logiscool has learning centers in 21 countries and help kids be prepared in this digital era. With a one-time investment, franchisees will receive nearly 1,000 digital lessons with fun-based methodologies and a long-term curriculum which meet the European educational standards. Their world-class franchise network also allows students of your centers to interact and learn coding together with other students from other countries.

International Canadian Academy

(ICA) is a Canadian-based school which offers programs from Early Childhood to Grade 12. They also teach students multiple subjects thanks to a research-based learning framework and methodology that is always up-to-date and with the most effective Canadian and International practices. ICA also provides franchisees with both online and in-person training and resources to help them to be successful.

Education franchising is profitable with an attractive potential Return on Investment (ROI). To bring these education brands to your country, please CONTACT US at now.

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