Learning Foreign Languages Online: An Inevitable Development Trend

The concept of online learning came into practice years ago. 

When the Covid epidemic came, it changed the way the whole world operates, and affected almost every field, including education, and english education. The Covid epidemic and the development of advanced AI platforms have driven and promoted online learning as well as English education into an inevitable trend.

Online Learning – The Essential Development 

Before the pandemic, students tended to go to centers to learn foreign languages. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on education, English education and especially the classroom-based education field.

Many schools and centers had to temporarily close, which affected their business. During that period, students could not go to school, and their learning was interrupted.

According to UNESCO, 188 countries were forced to close schools, affecting 91.3% of all students worldwide.

Schools and universities also switched to teaching and learning on online platforms in order to adapt to this situation. Students and students must switch to learn online. Online learning is the inevitable development of the education industry in the near future.

The development of sophisticated apps makes online learning and English education easier than ever: whether at home, at the train station or on the train, the bus, early in the morning before work, or late at night after dinner. We can easily open the application and practice foreign languages wherever we happen to be.

Flexibility – This is the biggest advantage of online learning. You can learn anytime – anywhere, which is important to language learning, as it requires practicing on a frequent basis. 

Curriculums developed by educational experts based on AI platforms with a “virtual” one-by-one coach, combining with lively, age-appropriate lectures. That makes every lesson more lively and increases interaction with learners. That also overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional courses: the teacher speaks – the students “repeat after me”.

What are the advantages of online language learning?

The biggest difference between foreign language online courses and offline ones is that offline courses limit the student’s learning time. Students only study 3-4 days a week; each class lasts from 90 to 180 minutes, making students tired easily, especially with children. 

QOOCO offers learners 15-minute everyday classes, which makes learners more interested in learning, especially the children. The key point is that learners have the opportunity to practice using English and Chinese every day.

QOOCO – Change The Way You Learn – Improve Your Levels

QOOCO, leveraging over 10 years of technology, cooperated with TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON to launch QOOCO – an AI-based English and Mandarin Chinese learning app.

QOOCO has overcome the weaknesses of the traditional method of English education: teachers speak – a group of students “repeat”, the quality of teachers is not guaranteed and not experienced, the curriculum is not systematic and not developed by educational experts.

Change The Way You Learn

Based on technology & from educational experts, QOOCO’s teaching method breaks away from the traditional & old school model: each teacher teaches a group of students & students to do the exercises that the teacher asks for a lesson in a passive way.

At QOOCO, students actively learn anytime, anywhere with the AI, your coach, and directly with native teachers.

  • The difference with AI is that it is built on a curriculum developed by educational experts, ensuring a solid foreign language knowledge and foundation. The AI helps detect mistakes, report them effectively, and help the student overcome them.
  • Weekly meetings with your coach help keep the student motivated and focused
  • Communicate with qualified native English-speaking teachers to help practice the knowledge you have learned.

Why should learners learn with QOOCO?

1.ONLINE 24/7 with AI Coach:

Students self-study on the QOOCO platform for 15 minutes at home every day, anytime – anywhere. This method helps build independence, ability to self-study, and provokes students’ curiosity and inquiry. The “AI coach” is considered an “AI teacher”, helping to detect mistakes, feedback & correct mistakes immediately during the learning process. The difference is that this “AI teacher” will accompany learners anytime – anywhere, unlike physical classes with a certain time frame.

2. OFFLINE at Qooco Club 

Children come to Qooco Club once or twice a week to practice the language with exclusive foreign coaches and to perfect their skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing.

There are weekly tests, covering all the test contents to help the children get accustomed to international exams.

3. ONLINE IFLIP Practice with native teachers

Students have the opportunity to practice the language with U.S teachers to advance their language skills, as well as apply their online and offline self-study knowledge into practice. 100% of teachers hold a North American teacher qualification certificate, with many years of teaching experience. Qooco teachers all teach at primary or secondary schools in the United States.

4. The curriculum has been developed by educational experts from Yale University, Stanford University, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Trinity College London, Tsinghua University

5.There are weekly tests to evaluate their learning process.

Improve Your Levels

The discrepancy between the English education of QOOCO and other courses is that the QOOCO course not only helps children meet their exam requirements but also assists them to easily score high points in international exams, hence passing the exam, such as GESE, CEFR, Cambridge YLE-MSE.  Even more importantly, it helps them actually be able to speak English (or Mandarin).

The GESE test shows that 95% of QOOCO students have reached excellence level, far exceeding the average level.

Additionally, QOOCO also offers Chinese courses for both kids and adults, Qooco General English, Qooco Business English, etc. 

QOOCO is suitable for all ages, but 3 – 12 years old are the best ages to learn foreign languages. This is a sensitive period of language from LISTENING to SPEAKING, creating excitement and confidence when speaking English.

In the education business, foreign languages ​​are the easiest to operate. QOOCO meets this criterion because it does not require as much space as conventional centers, English education and Mandarin Chinese education continue to be very popular and an easy way to attract many students. In addition, the biggest difference of QOOCO is the training program developed by education experts from famous universities in the world, which is something that not many centers can claim. 

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