Nation’s Restaurant News study: 9 in 10 restaurant operators likely to increase investment in technology this year

Nation’s Restaurant News, a leading independent media brand serving the foodservice industry, has released its 2023 Restaurant Technology Outlook.

The report reveals the technology strategies and investment priorities of almost 400 restaurant operators, based on a survey conducted by Nation’s Restaurant News Intelligence. The results indicate that 92% of operators plan to increase spending on new technology in the next 12 months, with 39% definitely adding new technology and 53% probably or possibly doing so. Respondents expressed a strong interest in digital tools that enhance customer experience and loyalty, employee productivity, and operational efficiencies.

Christi Ravneberg, Director of Research and Insights for Nation’s Restaurant News, stated that digital innovation is essential to stay competitive in the restaurant industry, and the pace of change is likely to accelerate. The report also found that limited technology budgets remain a challenge for 74% of respondents. Customer experience is a top priority, with 57% of operators investing in digital tools to enhance guest service and convenience. Data collection is an untapped opportunity, with 70% of operators unsure if they are optimizing the information they collect about their guests. Labor issues are a significant concern, with 37% of respondents citing employee retention and productivity as a primary application for technology in their businesses.

The full report offers more insights, and Nation’s Restaurant News Intelligence will dive deeper into the survey findings in an upcoming webinar. The 2023 Restaurant Technology Outlook was sponsored by Boom, Panasonic, and LifeLenz.

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