The Success or Failure of Your Brand Hinges on Picking the Right Franchisees

According to School of Rock CEO Rob Price, franchisors should view the awarding of franchises as a long-term commitment, similar to a marriage, as 10-year franchise agreements often last longer than marriages in the United States. Price emphasized the importance of choosing the right franchisees, as a wrong decision in this regard could negatively impact the business for years.

Similarly, Kitchen Tune-Up and Bath Tune-Up brand president Heidi Morrissey stressed the importance of selecting franchisees who share the same values as the brand, as they will be instrumental in establishing a positive culture among the team and franchisees. Morrissey also recommended involving franchisees in the approval process for new candidates, as they may have a better understanding of how a potential franchisee would fit into the culture of the business.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting successful franchisees, franchisors can strive to find the best fit by considering various factors and involving franchisees in the decision-making process.

Morrissey cautioned against expanding a franchise into new territories before the brand is fully prepared. She cited Bath Tune-Up’s expansion into Canada as an example of moving too quickly and suggested that the brand should have focused more on its U.S. operations before expanding internationally.

At School of Rock, Price’s team members take turns speaking with potential franchisees and ask questions that reveal their level of passion and enthusiasm for the business. Price emphasized the importance of selecting franchisees who have a genuine interest in the concept, rather than those who are simply looking for a business opportunity. To ensure that only the most qualified candidates are selected, the School of Rock team takes a somewhat negative approach during its discovery days by discouraging potential franchisees from joining the brand. Price believes that eliminating candidates who are not a good fit demonstrates discipline and is ultimately beneficial for the brand.

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