Unlock Your Future as a Logiscool Franchise Partner: Join the Digital Education Revolution Today

Logiscool is a pioneering educational technology franchise that equips young people with coding and robotics skills, to help them prepare for an evolving digital job market.

With the increasing prevalence of digital devices in children’s lives, there is a growing demand worldwide for early education in digital literacy. However, the traditional education system is not equipped to meet this need. In response to this gap, Dr. Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitari founded Logiscool, the first coding school in Europe, in 2014. Logiscool offers fun and engaging after-school coding and robotics courses, holiday camps, and workshops to children aged six to 18 at learning centers. Its mission is to prepare children for a digital future by providing them with the skills and confidence they need.

Industry leader and developer

Logiscool has grown rapidly and is now a leading franchise network in the EdTech sector, with over 170 branches in 35 countries on five continents. It has taught over 180,000 children how to code and develop digital literacy skills. The franchise has successfully combined education with entertainment to fulfill the growing demand for digital skills worldwide.

Logiscool has adapted quickly to the pandemic and developed a new online portal within a week to help franchise partners grow and take advantage of local opportunities. The franchise offers franchisees a comprehensive system that includes a franchise management and administration system, a trainer portal, and a unique educational platform with a fun-based teaching methodology and certified curriculum. With its increasing international exposure, Logiscool is poised to expand into more markets and develop local networks exponentially.

A franchise worth knowing

Logiscool offers franchisees ongoing training and support, including business insights, marketing strategies, brand and campaign guidelines. Its comprehensive franchise system provides a ready-made solution for those interested in operating a coding school franchise.

Logiscool provides extensive training for its franchise partners, both at the beginning and throughout their partnership. Franchisees receive assistance with classroom management, school and equipment design, and ongoing training in business, education, sales, marketing, and IT. One does not require a background in IT or education to become a Logiscool franchisee.

Dana Banica, who has been the Logiscool master partner for Romania since 2018, says that she is thrilled with the support she has received and that her initial investment has been returned earlier than expected. She credits Logiscool’s complex franchise management system for making operations easy and helping new partners get started quickly. Dana believes that she is receiving increasing value from the partnership every day.

Innovative teaching systems

Logiscool has achieved global success by identifying a unique gap in the education market and providing a customizable curriculum to its students. The company offers more than 20 topics related to digital literacy and coding, allowing children to learn at their own pace.

The teaching system involves colorful digital building blocks that contain programming commands, which children use to create fun video games and projects. This helps children gain a basic understanding of programming and an algorithmic way of thinking in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

The mix mode helps children transition from colorful blocks to real programming languages. It enables them to view both the colorful building blocks and the programming syntax they correlate with, which ensures a smooth transition from blocks to written code.

Logiscool’s system is customizable and offers different levels of complexity based on the age group and ability of the children. The company combines learning with entertainment to ensure that children enjoy themselves while developing valuable skills.

In addition, Logiscool provides its users with a newly developed international edutainment community portal called MyLogiscool. This platform offers a safe and exciting space where students can play games, practice their work, and gain inspiration in between lessons. MyLogiscool provides localized classroom projects, quizzes, high-score games, and international shared projects, allowing children to see and try what other students from around the world have created. Logiscool’s innovative systems ensure high-quality education in all of its learning centers worldwide.

Skills of the future

Logiscool recognizes that in today’s fast-changing and challenging economy, children need strong digital skills to be competent and prepared. The company provides an opportunity for children to learn digital literacy and coding skills while doing what they love – creating their own computer games. With close to 1000 smart lesson plans, Logiscool’s curriculum can be adapted to each child’s age and learning speed. Lessons are taught by young and enthusiastic trainers in inspiring IT office-like environments, as well as online. Through Logiscool’s program, students acquire essential skills for the future, including problem-solving, logical thinking, creativity, endurance, and more.

Logiscool is seeking franchisees to help grow the brand internationally. For more information about Logiscool franchise opportunities in your region, please visit https://vffranchiseconsulting.com/brand/logiscool/ or contact us at info@vffranchiseconsulting.com

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