Tasty Dessert Franchises Affordable & Flexible To The Post-Pandemic World

If you are looking for a safe investment into F&B, an ice cream / dessert franchise may offer you the benefits that the other franchises may not. There are three main reasons why you should consider investing into these sectors.

Reasonable investment and fast ROI:

  • In general, the cost of doing business & franchising ice cream and desserts is much “affordable” compared to other F&B sectors such as operating a restaurant. 
  • The low investment means that you can recover the investment in less than three years, which is ideal for investors during the pandemic and even for post-pandemic. 

YOLÉ, ice cream and frozen yogurt brand with no sugar added, has the payback time of less than a year and reaches a net operating margin on sales (EBITDA) of 20-30%.

Yenly Yours, a brand that specializes in mango desserts, has an average payback period of just 1-2 years.

The premises are not too large & quite flexible:

  • Business premises for ice cream, yogurt or dessert products are flexible and diverse:  from ice cream trucks to kiosks or a store. The premises are not too large, can be integrated in commercial centers or buildings with high traffic volume, which helps to minimize rental costs and contributes to increased revenue.
  • The area of ​​​​the premises is diverse, maybe from only 8m2, you can start a business! That also helps save more costs than restaurants.

Streamlined operations 

  • Ice cream. Frozen Yogurt. Mango ice cream. These are desserts that do not require highly-skilled workers, do not require a complex kitchen, both of which help to save costs.
  • On the other hand, because it is a franchise with available products and not too complicated, in general, it is easier to operate than in the restaurant industry.

Various products

  • The menus of these types of franchises offer different choices: Fresh ice cream, frozen yogurt, and desserts made from fruits are very popular dishes, which can meet a variety of customer groups, even for the post-pandemic world.
  • The menus are flexible, can combine main products and toppings to create a blend of flavors. That helps the businesses always bring fresh flavors to customers.

Solve the distribution channels

Thanks to its diversified business model and products, the distribution channels of these products are also diverse:

  1. Applicable to all 3 business models, which is adaptable to the post-pandemic: take away, delivery, dine-in. 
  2. Diversified distribution channels: There are products such as ice cream tubs, ice cream bars for the FMCG channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

If you are wondering which franchises are worth your investment, these two TASTY & SWEET franchise brands will help you with their products, which are different from the other similar ones on the market.



  1. YOLÉ stands out, as their products are SUGAR-FREE, LOW ENERGY, currently the HEALTHIEST on the market, thanks to their natural ingredients of high nutrition values, and the formula developed by nutritionists. 
  2. Their menu offers more than 120,000 different flavors.
  3. Rapid expansion: more than 30 stores in 8 countries within 2 years.


– The investment capital of Yenly Yours is very suitable.

– YENLY YOURS specializes in Mango dishes such as mango ice cream, mango sticky rice combining traditional & modern styles. 

=> Yenly Yours optimizes the menu to focus on the quality of products.

– Yenly Yours offer Thai specialties from mango such as mango sticky rice, dried mango… for the retail market.

-The brand is growing quickly with many new stores expanding across Southeast Asia. 

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