Beauty Garage makes Singapore debut

Japanese beauty product mail order service Beauty Garage has opened e-commerce sites and showrooms in Singapore and Malaysia.

Beauty Garage Online Shop Singapore, the company’s first overseas base, opened mid July as an e-commerce platform and a showroom store selling wholesale merchandise. The Singapore service was established by partnering with beauty merchandise wholesale/seminar business Haru Singapore into a group company through third party allotment of capital increase. Haru’s roadside shop has been renovated to house the new showroom.

A spokesperson for the company said “In the future, we will use the experience and expertise that Beauty Garage has cultivated in the Japanese market [over] a long time, not only to aggressively develop new customers and expand our handling products, but also [to] establish logistic bases in the Southeast Asian market. We will develop the strength of ‘IT × logistics’ as a trading company globally.”

Beauty Garage Malaysia plans to open e-commerce sites and showroom stores in August.

Source: Inside Retail Asia.

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