These Burger King-branded masks are even more useful than they seem

These Burger King-branded masks are even more useful than they seem

[Photo: Burger King Belgium]

Burger King Belgium just had a whopper of an idea.

The fast food chain is launching its own set of branded masks that will include a customer’s order displayed across the front. These are limited edition, though: An online contest will choose 250 customers to get a preprinted mask in the mail that has their menu items of choice.

Face coverings are currently required in all public places in Belgium. As Burger King Belgium noted in its press release, “going out masked has become the norm.” But face masks can muffle your voice, making it hard for servers to hear your order, especially in a busy restaurant. So why not cut the auditory part out all together?


“You still make the Pepper King?” [Photo: Burger King Belgium]

This isn’t the first time Burger King has had some fun with enforcing best health practices as it relates to COVID-19. Back in May, Burger King Germany released some pretty ridiculous 6-foot-wide cardboard crowns to encourage social distancing. It likely made it hard to get through the door, but hey, at least you were guaranteed no one would get in your personal space.

This time around, the gimmick is actually a pretty solid design solution to make a process that’s a challenge under COVID-19 a lot smoother.

If you’re dying to ask for a whopper in custom Burger King type (and if you live in Luxembourg or Belgium), you can participate in the contest by posting your favorite menu items to its Instagram or Facebook page.


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