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Burgers go red and ‘messy’ after black made news


After introducing the dramatic black burger in India, Barcelos, the South African casual diner, has now turned a red leaf with a range of such-coloured burgers, which it unbashedly describes as “messy”.

The restaurant which caught the imagination of the nation with its black burger, has now gone a notch higher. The beautiful shade of red “is obtained by the powder of tomatos, chilli flakes and beetroot,” Rohit Malhotra, general manager (Operations) of Barcelos India, told IANS.

One ordered a red hotie with a grilled chicken fillet, the tomatos and the lettuce adding a mix of flavours. The ‘mess’, which one can definitely vouch for, is caused by the peri peri sauce which drips down with every bite.

As one bit deeper into the burger, which is a large enough portion for one person, another one, with a minced mutton patty, caught the eye with its inviting look.

Named red meaty, it is exactly what it looks like – huge, juicy and heavenly. The cheese, which is slightly melted, brings out the sinful taste even more, reminding you that this is what you were here for! Good food which fills your stomach to the “T”.

It would have been nice had the food temperature been a little warmer, but you would not complain once you bite into the red beast. Ditto for the ‘mess’.

Barcelos is also a haven for vegetarians but surprisingly, the veg burger is devoid of potatoes which one always expects. Beetroot and chickpeas are the main ingredients and you are in for another delightful surprise. Personally, the veg burger tastes better than the chicken one, probably because it’s way more succulent – and equally ‘messy’.

Another ad-on to the menu are the “molecular” drinks like the peachy iced tea and the tangy mango, which arrived at the table with a smokey visual effect caused by a combination of dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

Wondering how good all the colours and effects were on the digestion, Malhotra promptly replied that “most of the things we are using are organic”.

After the black and red addition, one could not help but ask whether Barcelos will come up with something in purple or probably a more imaginative colour?

“We don’t plan to come out with a burger in another colour but, yes, we plan to bring out something new, concentrating on chicken and salads. We’ll bring something innovative which is new to India, which is again going to be interesting,” Malhotra concluded.

For the record, the fieriness and tanginess of peri-peri sauce and flame-grilled chicken found its way here through the launch of Barcelos in February.

The restaurant gives a choice to enjoy food with four sauces: tangy lemon, mild peri, veri peri and supa peris. You can also mix any two sauces to get a new flavour.

The eatery’s ambience is lively and casual. There’s wooden flooring, and the first level of the outlet, integrates earthy elements with some greenery around it.

The walls also offer a glimpse of the legends of Barcelos, a city in Potrugal, and details the journey of the restaurant chain.

Source: bignewsnetwork.com

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