Little Caesars, DoorDash Grow Partnership

Little Caesars, DoorDash Grow Partnership

Little Caesars and DoorDash have grown their partnership by expanding the accessibility of Little Caesars delivery to the DoorDash website and mobile program, according to a Monday (Oct. 12) announcement.

Little Caesars delivery was already accessible through the Little Caesars website and mobile program in the United States as well as Canada. Now, it will be accessible through the third-party delivery marketplace of DoorDash.

The pizza chain’s delivery has been fueled by DoorDash Drive “since day one,” according to the announcement.

“During this unprecedented time, DoorDash’s goal has been to empower its partners to build and grow their off-premise channels, whether through their own app, in-store with pickup, or through our marketplace,” DoorDash Vice President of Business Development Toby Espinosa said in the announcement.

Espinosa added that the company was proud to grow its partnership with the pizza chain to “continue to build a lasting off-premise strategy that matches the legacy they’ve worked decades to achieve.”

Diners who have their pizza delivered to them will have a touch-free drop off of their purchase, according to the announcement, which notes that the restaurant firm has strengthened its sanitization and cleanliness processes.

Little Caesars provides touch-free choices for pickup and delivery via its website and mobile program.

The pizza chain also has the Pizza Portal, which is a way for diners to pick up their orders by pick up their orders from heated compartments.

Little Caesars is the third biggest pizza china globally, according to the announcement, and is based in Detroit, Michigan.

In January, Little Caesars teamed with DoorDash to provide pizza delivery services from eateries in the United States and Canada.

At the time, it was noted that Little Caesars would not be listed on DoorDash as a participating eatery. Orders were to come in via the Little Caesars website and mobile program.

In July, news surfaced that Walgreens had joined forces with DoorDash for on-demand delivery. At the time, it was noted that shoppers in Denver, Chicago and Atlanta could select from more than 2,300 items for delivery.


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