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How to be a well-behaved franchisee in 10 easy steps

Dec 22, 2015

Take steps to be a model franchisee. Image: expertbeacon.com

Once you have purchased your franchise and got the business up and running, the franchisor may seem a little remote – you don’t need their support in the same way as you did in the early days. And you are focused on developing your business so there isn’t a lot of spare love to go round. It’s easy to get into a rut and then your performance starts to dip.Try Bill Lockett’s tips for best business behaviour:

  • Continually keep in communication with the franchisor, just as you did when you started.
  • Work diligently in your location. It is your investment and your future.
  • Listen to advice from the franchisor and the support team.
  • Learn from other successful franchisees.
  • Do your homework. Embrace your industry, find out what is going on and become an expert.
  • Build the business and develop strategies to get more clients.
  • Try to make the franchisor appreciate your input, so when you call for help, they will readily provide it.
  • Recruit staff that smile and are passionate about your business. You can train them in basic systems but cannot train attitude, optimism or honesty.
  • Make royalty payments gladly. When you first looked at the franchise opportunity, you chose to invest after you understood the royalty payments and your potential profits. Profit is not a dirty word…not for the franchisee or franchisor.
  • If you think you are losing your passion or drive, get out with a profit. It can be done, but only when sales and profits are up, not when they are trending down.

Source: franchisebusiness.com.au

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